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With Website Traffic Boost Your Business

Traffic to a website is as important as oxygen is to the body of living organisms, and life with website traffic boosts your business. In other words, what is website traffic?

You can say that a website with no traffic is dead. It will not be seen now will it generate any sales. Moreover, without traffic, your website is worthless. No matter what business you are in.

You will need the traffic also you will need all the visitors you can get. There are many ways by which you can get more traffic to your website a lot quicker and easier.

You do not need to use backlinks or extremely high-quality content, or any other kind of social share which everyone on the internet talks about. No doubt, these techniques work very well at posting your website rank and increasing your website traffic.

But they are very time-consuming and complex jobs. It would help if you had a lot of patients and persistence. So you may wonder what the secret that requires absolutely no backlink strategies or other time-consuming methods is.

So let’s see how to increase website traffic without SEO.

Website Traffic With LinkedIn

The first way you can increase website traffic fast is by promoting your new or old article and LinkedIn blog. This is an answer to how to increase website traffic organically.

So the procedure is pretty simple. All you have to do is find which blogs in your posts are most relevant and interesting to your followers on LinkedIn. Please make a list of these articles and link them to your LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, whenever you write a new post on your blog page, you can think of your followers’ tastes, and according to that taste, your new articles will mold into a better shape to be linked to those followers.

Make sure that you add a nice-looking relevant, and high-quality image with an attention-grabbing headline. Also, fill up the description section to demonstrate to your visitors what your website is actually about.

A bonus tip for you is that you use video content instead of just images to generate traffic from LinkedIn. That will work really well for you. All you need is a little bit of hands-on practice on video content on topics related to your blogs.

Use this video content along with a link to your website blog pages with catchy headlines and comprehensive descriptions. You can also use Pinterest to generate traffic. Pinterest is a website traffic booster.

Improve Website Traffic With Your CTR

The second number is my favorite way to boost website rank is simply by improving your CTR. If you manage to increase your CTR even by about 2 percent, your website ranking can really come at the top 5 search results.

There are many ways to do so. You can start by improving your listing or your title for the keyword you want your site to rank on. You can improve the title of your site or your best blogs. It is preferred by professionals and people who have generated millions of dollars from their websites.

If you are spending 2 hours writing your blog, you have to spend 20 hours writing a catchy headline or title. It is said that titles with number digits in them are more ranked. Also, try to include convincing words in your title.

The description of your website is very, very important. But many of the website owners ignore it, which is a huge mistake. People actually read descriptions most of the time to decide whether they will click on your site or not.

Spend a good deal of time writing this small description. It is indeed the backbone of your CTR.

Add More Visuals

How to increase website traffic through google? Google wants to see more visual content than written content. It’s an old erroneous myth that words like how to, how can etc., will rank more on search pages.

Instead, if your content is flavored with more video content or images, it is more likely to get recognition and ranked by Google or other search engines.

Because if people are going to spend time watching these visuals at your site. Google is going to appreciate that and will reward your site’s rank. And it will also reward in the form of more shares.

According to a study conducted by analysts, an article with a visual at about every 75 to 200 words was shared on social media platforms. More than two times as compared to those with fewer or close to zero images.

Improve Your Sit’s Load Time

Your site’s time to load all the backlinks server requests and visuals is called the load time of your site. It plays a significant role in google at determining how likely people will stay and wait for your site once they get there.

It is shooting to know that an average person waits only for 3 seconds for a site to load. So even a second can change your site’s performance and the number of traffic it generates.

I cannot tell you exactly how to improve your website’s load speed because every site is different and has different weak points. But there is a simple way to start improving your website’s load performance by going to Google PageSpeed Inside.

You can improve a list of things that you can improve specifically on your website. The number you should aim to score at the testing must be at least 85 on both desktop and mobile interfaces.

Improve the weak areas of the website, and for this purpose, you can hire a developer. Or if you don’t have one go-to fiver or Upwork to find someone who falls into your budget.


These were my favorite and the most impactful ways and tools. Through this with you can generate free traffic to your website. These website traffic drivers take time and persistence to show results.

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