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Where To Generate Website Traffic From?

In this article, I am going to share with you top strategies from where you can generate website traffic.

Even if you are just starting you can use these hacks right away and see the positive results overnight.

So how to get traffic to your website fast?

The main goal of every website owner or entrepreneur who is running an online store is to transform its website visitors into customers or a lead generation machine.

However, the best tricks, tips, and tactics for reaching that aim fast are often ignored by them.

There are many easy ways to increase website traffic in just a few days and without any delays, let us start right now.

Where To Generate Website Traffic?

As I earlier there are many easy strategies that you can implement to boost your web traffic in just a matter of days.

Now it would be unfair to say that you should use all of these strategies and every strategy will give you a chance to amplify your web traffic.

Instead, I would say to just pick a couple that seemed most compatible with your business and the one you find the easiest of all.

That way I can bet you will see great traffic results on your website.

Reuse Old And New Posts

So as the heading already suggests the method is to promote the new or old articles that you write, on LinkedIn.

This strategy will work best for people who already have connections on LinkedIn.

So what you need to do is form your old already existing blog posts and find out which of them your connections on LinkedIn would find most interesting.

To save your time and get an idea of the quantity of relevant content you can make a list of them.

And post about 2-3 times per week on LinkedIn for better results.

Also whenever you are writing a new post think about the connections you have on LinkedIn.

From that said you can provide them with what they would really want to see and then put that article on the blog page of your website.

Put a link to that article on LinkedIn and so many professionals and experts of traffic generation recommend using a catchy and extremely high-quality headline and a nice looking image that is relevant to your content.

Also, add a proper description that can make the mind of visitors to click over to your website.

Here is a secret that can really help you leverage your traffic generation game from LinkedIn.

Video content is highly appreciated on LinkedIn. So what you can do is make use of your content in the form of visuals and add a link to these videos on your LinkedIn profiles with a little description about them.

Make sure to optimize your description.

Guest Blog Posts To Generate Website Traffic

You may have heard of it before but if not let me explain that to you. So how to drive massive traffic to your website.

So if you are familiar with SEO and know about the benefits of getting backlinks to your website.

You are possibly familiar with the concept of guest posting which is basically where you reach out to other blog owners and convince them about an idea or article that you have and that can add value to their blog.

They won’t mind if you will write to them. And the main benefit of it is that they can allow you to embed a link to your website in the description.

That way you can generate backlinks to your website.

Google will see and think that people are citing your website in their blogs and if these sites are top ranking.

You bet your reputation will increase in the google ranks.

Also if you will write an upside-down blog post you can attract visitors from that side to your site.

So instead of linking your website in the description that is at the end of a blog post.

Where hardly anyone reads. You can provide useful links at the top 2 or 3 headings and one of those links can be to a blog of your website.

So this way you can get 2 benefits from a single shot.

First, you get a backlink, and second the probability that some will click through over to your site from where they can actually convert into a customer.

Use LSI Keywords To Generate Website Traffic

So you want to post on your best-performing pages with LSI keywords.

In earlier times ranking a page on google meant to use keyword stuffing a page with the same keyword phrase over and over again.

But as time passed google’s algorithm got smarter and smarter and now the overall structure of your page defines if you are providing quality content.

For example, if you are an interior designer google will expect to see the interior design page with words like the living room or renovation etc.

This is actually a sign to Google that this page has covered the topic really well. People would like to see that and your site will get a better ranking.


Sharing is caring even if you want to increase website traffic fast.

But it is also caring for your own self too. Now I don’t want to sound selfish.

But it is a fact. So what happens is when you share some of your best-written blogs on social media like Twitter.

And with a little tweak in the chunk of your article that you think people would like to re-tweet.

This can help you grow your website’s audience to a large scale.

So get traffic to your website free.

Best Traffic Bot

At last but not least you can generate high-quality organic traffic to your website through a traffic generation bot.

There many ways to increase your conversions with a website traffic booster.

But if your traffic is not getting just enough traffic there is no point in increasing conversion rate strategies.

We are working day and night for providing you best organic traffic for your website.

So that you have to least worry about ranking on the search results to get more traffic.

You can check the website traffic-free.

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This was to make you aware of the ways that you can use to generate traffic to your website fast.

I try my best to deliver quality content for my audience.

Happy Learning 🙂

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