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Website Traffic Vs Revenue For Online Businesses

Most of the time, people who generate traffic to their websites don’t really know how to earn from that traffic and comparison between website traffic vs. revenue.

Or maybe they know how to earn from a website, but it is so hard for them to maintain the conversions and how much traffic a website needs to make money.

Today in this blog, I will show you how you can earn profit from your website, sustain that, and increase website traffic revenue gradually.

I am not saying it all in a naïve way or for someone who is generating some hundred visits per day. How do websites make money from traffic? I get emails from my clients saying that they are getting tens of thousands of traffic daily.

But with all that, he is only making about 100$ from these visits. That is only about a 1% conversion rate. Actually, a lot less than even 1% because most of it comes from Google AdSense for website ad revenue.

I personally hate Google AdSense. They pay you so low for a lot of work. Well, that is the topic for another log. Let’s dive into the roots of our problem and figure out what is the point that you are missing while increasing your conversion rate.

So in this article, I will share with you the best free ways and tips regardless of how many visitors you get on your website. Or even if you are a new website and have no idea where to start from. These strategies are going to be enough for you to make a successful start.

So these will help you even when you have little to no visits to your website. Or even if you have 10,000 visitors per day. You can increase your revenue.

Why do you need a website?

Before jumping right into our strategies, let’s first discuss why you prefer a website for doing business? Well, to be honest, for every reason. For the sake of simplicity, let’s take the example of a grocery store.

If you build an online store, you can generate money even while you are sleeping. You can sell your products to places that you cannot go to people you cannot count maybe 1 million page views per month revenue.

Online businesses are the best ways to make passive income. But yes, there are risks too. If you are going to start a website without basic or prior knowledge of how stuff works. You will waste your hours and hours of effort for nothing.

Let’s jump to the first model that websites can use to create revenue.

Website Traffic vs. Revenue via Online Services

Most of the people that create a website are interested in promoting their services. You may have heard about the services you can give or get from websites like Upwork.

But instead of giving the services on another website, you can make a website of your own to give those services. Most of the time, most revenue-generating websites are brick-and-mortar businesses or consulting agencies.

The model is quite simple. All you need to do is drive the traffic to your website to provide them your services. This way, you will be successful at generating relevant visitors that are your potential visitors and have a high chance of converting.

Website Traffic vs. Revenue via E-mail Listing

You need to focus on building your email list no matter what kind of business you are or what your agendas are, or what you aim for through your website.

Having a sign-up check box on your website will play a very significant role in increasing your revenue. Maybe people are not ready yet to buy from you, but you have a general idea of why they are coming to your website.

Offer them giveaways or downloadable or PDFs for free. And in return, ask them to sign up on your website. Then you can use different tools to send them an email containing a question or CTA statement in an image. You can make these images for free using online tools.

This way, you can make them buy from you or at least revisit your website. It depends on the right time and saying the right things. With email, marketing you have the opportunity to get people from that information-based or that entertainment-based mindset into a buying mindset.

So you do that through writing. The key point of this strategy is that you will give away the stuff you are pitching in research on factors that can increase the amount of donation to almost double the amount raised. It was found that with a little tweak in the wordings.

You can actually increase your conversion rates. For example, from changing the sentence “Donate to help those in need” to “Donate to help those in need, every contribution count,” the number of donations doubled.

Website Traffic vs. Revenue via AdSense

At last, I will recommend you do try some other ad serving networks besides Google AdSense. So there are a ton of them out there. They are definitely worth a shot for you. These are like banner-based advisors networks.

You can start right away using google. And find out how much do websites make from ads. So all you have to do is type banner advertising networks or just advertising networks.

And you will literally get a list of hundreds and thousands of them waiting to make you money. You may wonder how much traffic does a website need to attract advertisers? So you need to get 10000 visits a day.

As the last words ill say, you are in a good position, don’t freak out. You have all the people that you need to generate revenue for your business.

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Now it is your turn to practice these tips and create revenue for your business. You can learn more about revenue generation.

Happy Learning 🙂