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Website Traffic Vs Conversion. Increase Conversions?

Suppose you are getting a ton of traffic on your website but are failing to generate conversion for your business. You are not able to differentiate between website traffic vs. conversion. You already know what the conversion rate is.

There could be many things that I cannot particularly point out that may be wrong with your website. And every website owner at least once struggles with this issue.

They could not figure out what is wrong with their website or work, due to which they are struggling to pass the visitors into the customer funnel.

I have read and watched a ton of content addressing these issues and have considerable experience and grip on these issues and their solutions.

Similarities In Website Traffic vs. Conversion

So at first, I am going to talk about some of the similarities that exist between the marketing campaigns of traffic generation and traffic conversions.

And regardless of the objectives, these seemingly different campaigns have a mutual goal to drive traffic to your website or your app. So you might wonder that why you would even bother to do a separate traffic campaign and a separate conversion campaign.

Which is quite a sensible and logical argument. The point that you are missing here is that in some situations. There are traffic campaigns where it might make sense. And what you want to do is consider some different business scenarios.

So let me give you a scenario. Let’s say that your goal is to drive sales for your online business, or maybe you have a Shopify store or a WordPress build an e-commerce platform. And your duty is to try to sell the product or services.

So to sum it all up, the traffic vs. conversion Facebook

  • You have created a website for your online business.
  • The Facebook pixel is set up o the website.

In this case, your best object will generate conversions, similarly, in some other scenario. For example, you are affiliate marketing, so you don’t have to focus on conversions. Rather, focus on generating more traffic to your website.

Differences in Website Traffic vs. Conversion

Now let’s talk about the difference, which is basically what this article is all about. So, once you have managed to get traffic onto your website’s home page or blog page, or any other page depending upon your conversion campaign.

The next thing that your conversion campaign will have is to take the necessary action to drive your potential customer to take some actions.

These actions could include signing up on your website to buying your product or spending more and more time on your website clicking other pages.

Or campaigns that someone is likely to click on your ad can also optimize the ad delivery for a landing page views someone who’s going to click on your ad and land on your page.

But you can take your campaign one step further for someone who is your potential customer. That can actually take action once they are on your website.

Strategies To Improve Conversions

In this section, I will share with you some of the best ways to help you. Not only at increase conversion rate vs. traffic. But to drive these customers again and again to become your regular customers. These include forced traffic and conversion.

Count Down Clocks

It has very deep psychological issues that when a human finds himself in a situation, he has projected something that he will lose quickly.

And the human brain doesn’t have much time to deduce what they have to lose at not doing what is being asked. They are most probably take your desire action. You can notice a rise of 10-11% traffic conversion rate.

Exit Pop-Ups

Use exit Pop-ups to increase your conversion rates. This strategy is used by a ton of websites. Because these are so effective and impactful. You want to make a quality graphical representation for your user before he tries to exit. This will act as your last offer to drive them to take some action.


What PicSnippet does is allows you to create a personal email image-based for your reader. So, for example, if someone is willing to watch your webinar, you have forgotten to sign in for the seminar.

What ill do is send you a picture-based email saying some message. The picture that you will get. Is created with the help of Pic-Snippet. So that you don’t have to bother every time you are emailing someone to create a new picture.

Picsnippet will save your time and money in this regard. Moreover, you will also be able to generate a ton of traffic.

Remarketing For Website Traffic and Conversion

At last but definitely, not least is the strategy that I have for you and is among my favorite strategies. It is a fact that this is among the oldest and well-known strategies out there.

But very few people put effort into making it in a professional and considerably effective way. So, for example, if you have managed to get thousands of traffic per month on your website.

But 95% of the traffic is not falling into your sales funnel, then what your purpose of even generating traffic is? You can hold them and drive them back to your site to perform some action using give-aways strategies. Offer them something valuable that you know they won’t refuse.

This strategy will work and will create conversions for your website.

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These were the best comparisons and hacks you can understand and use to generate sales for your business.

Happy Learning 🙂