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Website Traffic Unique Visitors To Blog Posts

In this article, I am going to help you to get website traffic, unique visitors. Now the purpose of this article is for beginners. It’s not really for some established bloggers.

So we will go through some of the basics, and these are the steps you need to take to get traffic. Here will share with you four of the biggest platforms that can drive traffic to your blog.

And I’m gonna dissect them and show you where we think you should be spending your time. I am sure you’ll find them interesting and thankful.

So let’s start exploring these ways, presuming you know how you can check website visitors?

Website Traffic Unique Visitors from Google

What is a good number of unique visitors to a website?

Most of the website owners get traffic to their blog pages and posts with Google. Google is pretty obvious because you go to google and type into Google what you are looking for, and up comes all those search results.

Now there are some positives and negatives of having a blog focused on Google SEO search engine optimization. If you don’t know there’s lots of traffic, everybody uses Google, and it is an adamant source of traffic.

The negatives of picking Google, though, are pretty obvious since everybody is on it. It’s incredibly competitive. And it can take a long time to rank your content which can be a pain, and also, you have to continue updating your content to keep it on top.

So that’s the pros and cons. Now let’s see how you can get traffic from google. You can also use a live website traffic checker.

SEO Content


When talking about free traffic sources like how you can get free traffic to your site. A little disclaimer if you have never paid for traffic doesn’t mean anything is wrong with it.

A lot of beginner blogger comes as bloggers on a budget like they are all trying to get their blog running and they don’t quite have consistent revenue to pay for different kinds of adds.

They don’t want to put any money into it, but they want free traffic to come to them.

So for them, I have got a few quick tips to get yourself started.

Use The Right Keywords

The first thing I recommend you do, and something that most beginners don’t do, is to ensure that your blog posts and blog pages and everything you put out on the internet are SEO friendly.

Using the right keywords can really help boost your appearance and search results. So if you have got the proper keyword and somebody goes and looks for it, you have one of the most popular sites. You are more likely to appear up at the top.

Because rarely do people look at the second page of the search results. Use Google’s keyword planner, which is the quickest way to find the right keywords for your blog post.

Moreover, it is really easy to use and doesn’t cost you anything, and it’ll give you insight into what people are searching for and how you can boost your post in search results.

Website Traffic Unique Visitors by Hosting Webinars

I definitely recommend hosting some webinars. You may be thinking that website webinars are so scary.

I get it. When people start webinars, they usually get nervous and overwhelmed by the idea of having to be live and people seeing them, counting on them.

But here is the deal blogging has changed a lot in the past couple of 5-6 years. There are faster ways to move closer to building up relationships with your readers.

  •  Please don’t make your webinar long. The only thing they have to be is jam-packed with useful information.
  • If you got a product to knock your socks off, go ahead and sell it.
  • But the whole purpose of your webinars is to really connect with your readers deeper level than you cant do with only a blog post.
  • Let people know you a little better and help them remember you in the sea of thousands and thousands of bloggers out there.
  • Show your authority on a given subject, which will help them trust you. Become a teacher of them.

Guest Posting

Next, a handy way to generate more traffic and visitors to your blog post. I recommend is guest posting for someone in a similar niche and check the website traffic-free. 

It is possible to make the mistake of guest posting for somebody in a niche with nothing to do with yours. If you do this, this new audience reads your blog posts and checks average website traffic statistics.

Maybe you think you are great and pop up on your site. But they are not necessarily interested in your category. Rather, they were interested in the original category of whatever blog they were reading.

It could be harder to convert them into your new fans. Clearly, that is not good enough. You have to be a guest posting to someone in a similar niche and has a similar audience.

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In this article, I shared how you can generate traffic from guest posting, webinars, etc. These are the most recommended ways to generate visitors to your blog in a massive quantity and fast.

Please don’t lose your patience and keep practicing the tips every time you write a blog and maintain it.

Learn more about generating traffic to your blog post.

Happy learning 🙂