Website Traffic Sources Tools And How to Increase Traffic

Website Traffic Sources Tools And How to Increase Traffic

October 28, 2020
Website Traffic Sources Tool And How to Increase Traffic

Where do people come from to get to your website? It sounds really simple, there are Website traffic sources tools for driving traffic.

But actually, there is a ton of misunderstandings about what these things really are. So I’m gonna break it down for you in this article. What do people mean when they say these things, or what is the real definition for each of these.

Also how to get more and more traffic from these. So we gonna jump in, bust some myths, and explain the details of website traffic sources.

So let’s jump right into the website traffic sources tools; here we go.

Website Traffic Sources and Tool


One of the most popular reports in google analytics is the traffic sources under acquisition of all traffic channels. A lot of people I know start their trips to google analytics.

So the first column you will see is called the default channel groupings, and these are the big buckets, so this is where a lot of people just had a glance.

Emails and Social media

Here is another way to understand this, you gotta strengthen your email and social games.

Or you don’t keep getting traffic to your website or blog. Put your back into it. You get blisters on your hands, and you got to work really hard at it.

But as it is said, it always pays off. Nothing that is done well goes in vain. Sooner or later, you will have the results.

With this money that you’ll get through your hard work, buy some gas put it into your business engine and you can go far and go fast right away.

SEO is totally a special source of traffic. It is a different chance to catch the traffic because every page can catch the traffic like a sail catches wind.

And you can keep adding more pages to any website. There’s no limit you can have on the number of URLs you can have on your domain.

So this was a good overview to understand how these traffic sources are very different.

If you look at any specific URL, such as an article promoted through content marketing, you’ll see a spike in traffic as soon as that went live and promoted through email or maybe social media.

But whether or not it gets, that long tail of traffic is a function of how well it was optimized for search.

Was it a keyword-relevant article?  If so, was the keyword-focused? Has it a great page on that? Did it indicate its relevance?

Organic Website Traffic Sources and Tool

Presumably, anyone who comes from a search engine is considered an organic search.

Yes, this is the original definition of it.

This is a very consistent website traffic sources tools. If you drill down to that report for most websites, there’s not a lot of spikes. It may move up and down slowly over months.

How to Get More Traffic from Search

You got to understand the authority, don’t target phrases if that’s way out of reach for the amount of credibility your domain has.

You need to understand that there are things that you can rank for, and that is a function of the authority of your website, so we have an article to understand how to get more traffic to a blog.

  • Write Detailed pages: Write lengthy and full of information pages. That covers all the details in answer to the question related to that topic.
  • Also, go back and improve your old and most high-ranking pages. Because it is the optimization, and it is never enough. So you gotta keep going back and keep making improvements to those pages until ideally, in the end, you got the best page on the internet for your topic.

Social Media Website Traffic Sources and Tool

When you look at social media traffic separately, you’ll find that it’s actually very spiky.  People are just unpredictable.

Do you know what going to go viral tomorrow? God knows, even social media experts don’t know what’s going to go viral tomorrow.

Sometimes people share a bunch of scientific things. Sometimes they don’t. Social media websites have an algorithm that seemingly randomly shows us something to many people. So it’s tough to predict.

  • Keep sharing; it’s partially a function of just how active you are in sharing.
  • Create relevant short video clips that promote your content. These short one-minute videos that promote the content are like really quality commercial videos.
  • Use Instagram. You can learn so much about traffic generation using Instagram.
  •    Pinterest is also a really, really good option.

Referral Website Traffic Sources and Tool

These are the visitors from any other website. They are not specifically from a search engine or social network.

Similarly, you’ll see spikes. The problem is that google analytics doesn’t consider this traffic any different from social media or search engines.

  • If you want more referral traffic, just carefully pay attention to your inclusion in directories. Just don’t miss a chance to get a link from another website.
  • Also write a lot for other sites really makes a big difference. Because if it got a bigger audience than you. You can borrow that visibility for other places.
  • And most importantly, do something newsworthy. Get mentioned in other places. If you want to get a press hit, write something spicy and relevant.

Traffic Wizard – Paid Version

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In this article, I have shared with you different types of traffic sources, and there are different ways you can generate more traffic from these sources. With the help of google analytics, you can analyze your progress and work efficiency.

I hope this article helped you clear your concepts.

Happy Learning :)

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