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Website Traffic Value For Online Business

A lot of people ask about what is the website traffic value for online businesses. So basically, what happens is when a website is created after around a month and doing a lot of excellent Facebook and Instagram promotions.

Plus other Google AdWords campaigns to learn how to calculate website traffic. The usual problem they face is generating sales from their traffic.

Even professionals and experienced website owners sometimes find themselves stuck in this kind of situation. They get thousands of visitors in 20 days with a bounce rate of around 85% with only 2-3 sales.

If you are getting traffic on your website or blog or any webpage and you are not getting sales at the start. At first, it is because you are not getting the right kind of traffic. It is not the valued traffic that your sales need.

Conversion Optimization

There is something called that you may have heard of, and that is conversion optimization for website traffic checkers. But I will not recommend you to focus only on your conversion optimization from day one of your website creation.

It is more than just generating a few sales. What happens is that when you start up a website, you possible are on zero sales.

Let me start by talking about the types of traffic and which traffic has what value.

Types of Website Traffic Value

When we talk about traffic, there are two main types of traffic.

The following are the two types of traffic.

  • High Valued Traffic
  • Low Valued Traffic

I presume that you can already tell by knowing the names of these types and names. That this high quality is traffic that you can get from reliable sources.

There are many website traffic calculators free for use.

For example, high-quality traffic is the traffic that comes through major search engines like Yahoo. And Google if you are ranking on Google for a keyword that is related to your website.

You are likely to get much high-value traffic to your website, blog, or another web page. Now, whenever you are doing paid traffic, quality traffic gets a little bit strange.

Just because you are paying for traffic from a credible website, Google or Facebook, does not necessarily mean the traffic type. You are going to receive it will be of high quality or the right type.

And this is because the traffic that comes to your website also has to be targeted. You have to narrow down the number of people who actually visit.

Targeted Audience For Website Traffic Value


Traffic that comes to your account also has to be targeted. You have to narrow down the number of people who actually visit your website.

Now, this traffic may sound counter-intuitive because you may think that you want as many people on your website as physically possible.

So that they visit your website and hopefully buy one of your products or pay for one of your services.

How to Calculate Website Traffic?

However, you only want to pay for the most relevant people to visit your site-wise. It’s going to cost you money, and your conversions are likely to be very low.

So if you do decide to pay for traffic to your website from Google or Facebook, make sure you are really using the targeted features.

Now let’s take a little about the right type of traffic sources related to your niche.

Traffic Sources For Website Traffic Value

This is important to understand that where you get traffic from and whether you are willing to determine that source is right for you or not. If you are getting your website traffic that is very well known, that’s likely to be very high-quality traffic.

On the other hand, if you are paying to get traffic from a website that no one has ever heard of before. This has a very high chance that it will be dodgy traffic that is not going to help your business.

So, you and your website need to generate more sales and profit to know where exactly you get your website traffic value. And can really determine whether or not your website traffic value or low value.

Although you know very much about traffic, for example, if you are doing Google AdWords, that is likely to be high-quality traffic.

On the other hand, if you have a huge social media presence and use that social media presence, send traffic back to your website.

As long as you have done your content marketing effectively, people who visit your website from social media are likely fans or followers.

And as a result, they are a lot more likely actually to purchase your services or products probably because they feel like they know your brand rather than someone else who finds you on social media or an ad on Google.

And this might be the first time they have ever come in contact with you.

Website Traffic Increase Via Blog

The first thing that I will suggest to you is to create a blog. And there are two reasons for this. If you create relevant content, this will

Position you as an influencer also; it will generate organic traffic through search engine optimization over time. This is how to increase website traffic through google.

Automated Traffic Source

In this era of technology, where everything is happening so swiftly, you have to think smartly.

This FREE traffic bot software generates high-quality organic traffic according to your keywords, so your website will be positioned in the first search engine results.

This has to be monitored carefully, but these free traffic bot generators can boost your website rank once you know your circumstances.

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We have discussed the common problems people face when starting a new online business are. Also, what are the types of traffic, and how can you increase your sales through different strategies. Your value of website traffic is significant.