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Website Traffic Increase Tips For Online Store

In this article, I will share your top website traffic increase tips for online stores and increase website traffic-free.

With these tips, you can increase website traffic fast and really amplify your traffic in a matter of minutes. Now you don’t necessarily need to follow and practice all these tips.

All you have to do is choose what suits you and give you a meaning to pursue forward ad work hard.

Join In On Forum And Facebook

On number two ill recommend you join forums and Facebook groups. I know you think that you already know these platforms. But trust me, they are not that simple as you have known.

Facebook, over the years, is giving so much importance to raising their groups and community services higher at performance and useability. That is why these days, you are getting a notification at least 2 to 3 times a day whenever someone posts something in a group.

Moreover, these are great ways to find the community you are ultimately trying to convert into your customers. Also, you are ultimately going to sell to. And again, position yourself as an influencer.

For example, if you are selling baby products, you want to find the mother groups on Facebook or forums, and you want to be involved.

You don’t necessarily want to sell your product directly to them. That way, you will seem like a scam. Do it in a very natural way. Help them at choosing the right product with facts and information that you possess. Build their trust.

But if you find mothers that are asking about recipes for their babies, they can buy you clothes where you know weekend activities.

You should be the first person to ask them and help mothers.

Get Some Press For Website Traffic Increase Tips


At number three, I suggest you get some press. The best way to get some press is to build a relationship with a journalist or a blogger. You can use community forums or comments sections of other bloggers for this purpose.

Trust me; I enjoy this so much myself because there are many ways you will find to engage with your audience from your blogger friends.

Read their blogs and give any suggestions to them that will improve their work and help them. Also, if they have done fantastic work, I appreciate their efforts.

For example, let’s go back to selling the baby products, so you will reach out to the journalist through relative platforms or directly.

Ensure that they write on similar topics.  You need to make friends via Twitter, find out what they are written about, and then give them a couple of points about your product.

Give them every reason why you are different and newsworthy. Please get to the top of your mind to come to you first when writing a relative page.

Find Influencers For Website Traffic Increase Tips

Your next tip number is to send your sample products to influencers. You want to find influencers on Instagram that have over 20,000 followers and then send them your products.

Here is a tip for you. Do not try to find an influencer with millions of followers. Rather, try to find an influencer with fewer followers but high value. Another way to say that is more is better.

To find these people, you can use hashtags, and most of them will have an email account by which you can contact them. You can visit their account and see if they have previously posted products, then you know that they are open to posting products.

You have to make sure that their follower is your potential customer, which is a great way to get organic reach quickly.

Pinterest For Website Traffic Increase Tips

Social Media, over time, had become one of the most powerful and successful sources of generating Website Traffic. Let me share with your guides on how you can generate traffic from Pinterest.

You may not have used Pinterest before for traffic generation purposes. It is among the best free tools to increase website traffic.

In contrast, you may have used other media platforms Like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Why Pinterest for Traffic Generation?

During my research work, I realized that Pinterest has monthly unique visits of more than 800,000,000. That is a lot of visits and an opportunity you must not miss.

And also, the algorithm of Pinterest is completely different than YouTube and Instagram. Where in YouTube and Instagram, your number of subscribers and followers, respectively, are more than your number of views.

Whereas in Pinterest, people with only hundreds of subscribers can get monthly million-plus views/clicks.

This means with a little effort and technique (which will provide you), Pinterest can generate a massive amount of traffic for your website or store.

Build A Referral Program

This is the way that I can’t stress enough that your customers are ultimately your biggest fans. It is so easier to gain a new customer or new traffic by having someone else refer you.

So if you are starting, you could ask your family and friends to refer people they know. But if you do have existing customers, email them asking if they are happy or be more than happy to refer someone else.

This is the best way to build some organic traffic for your business. Moreover, there is nothing better than having existing customers referring new customers to you.

Once they refer someone, you basically can give them both a reward, and you can give them a discount or a free sample for becoming a new customer.

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These were the most professionally used website traffic increase tips for online store businesses at the highest ranks possible.

I hope you have enjoyed these hacks and strategies. Now you have to practice them to get mastery. You can learn more about making money through the website.

Happy Learning 🙂