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Website Traffic In Google Analytics

There is a simple rule in the world of predicting the success of marketing campaigns. And it is “If you cannot measure it. You cannot accomplish it“. Website traffic in google analytics is the key to accomplishment.

Spending money on a marketing campaign is like gambling. You never know if you are going to succeed.

But there is a way that you can use to increase the possibility of your success.  There is a way to analyze how many sales and inquiries each marketing tactic is providing.

Moreover, in this article, we will explore exactly what and which specific information to look at to maximize your success rate through a chosen marketing campaign that had the most powerful impacts on your business.

Improve ROI

To receive the best ROI for your website-based online business based on the data-driven decisions, you will make through google analytics.

Therefore, the sooner you install google analytics on your website, the better it is for your website’s performance. In this article, I am assuming that you have already installed google website analytics.

If you are having any troubles or don’t know how to install google analytics on your WordPress website or another website, you can seek guidance from youtube or contact your developers to get the job done as soon as possible.

Income Diary is a place you can visit to access your website’s analytics without having access to the google analytics account. Moreover, you can get access to the analytics of your competitor’s website.

Website Traffic In Google Analytics

In this article, we are going to learn about:

  • How to check different website traffic types, including page views, unique pageviews, etc.
  • And how you can change the date range.
  • To check the performance per selected range of date for each page of your website.
  • How to check the sources of traffic that are landing on your website.

But first, sign in to your Google Analytics account.

What Different Pageviews and Sessions In Google Analytics

You need to know the slight difference between each metrics which Google analytics shows you. Also, without knowing the difference between these metrics, you cannot make the right decision.


You may want to know what a pageview in google analytics is? A pageview is counted each time someone from the internet lands on your website through any source or search engine.

Unique Pageview

A unique page view is counted each tie a visitor lands on one of your pages. But it is counted only once in the complete session of the visitor’s visit. So if a visitor visits the same page multiple times, it is considered one unique page view.


As mentioned earlier that unique pages are counted according to the sessions. But what is a Session in Google Analytics?

As the user lands on your website’s landing page, the session is marked as +1. No matter how many pages the visitor jumps in, this session (which is rough of about 30 minutes after the visitor’s landing) is counted as one.

Moreover, if the user stays idle for 30 minutes, the first session is over, and the second session is counted for the same visitor. So if a visitor and on your website stay there for the whole day, Google Analytics will show you a couple or more sessions.

How to Start Analyzing Website Traffic In Google Analytics?

google analytics

As you will enter google analytics, you will be presented with the tab saying overview. Here you will see a graph showing you the total number of sessions that have been completed on your website.

Also, you will get the pie charts or other pictorial representations about the page views, unique page views, avg session time,  bounce rate, etc.

Session Duration and Bounce Rate are available underneath the graph of sessions. These are all interesting and important features you need to take note of.

TIP – You can look over every one of these headings to discover what they mean in more detail. For example, in the screen capture beneath, I have utilized my mouse to look over the “Meetings” heading and clarify what that measurement shows.

How to change the date range?

You will find the Date Range on the top-left side of your PC screen on any page. Now click on it and select the period of your choice.

How to check the performance  for each page of your website

After selecting your date ranges, you can visually compare specific metrics at the campaign, ad set, and ad level to see how performance has shifted.

  1. At the top of your table, there is an arrow-shaped icon next to your selected option.
  2. The table also shows data for the different date ranges, the change in data, and the % of change.
  1. Contingent upon your view, the diagrams in the presentation sheet will likewise show more data about the date ranges in a visual organization. Float over explicit dates to analyze measurements.

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Last Word For Website Traffic In Google Analytics

In this article, I have shared the basic important features of google analytics to enhance your online experience and marketing campaigns. You can learn more about traffic generation using Analytics.

Happy Learning 🙂