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Website Traffic Goals Best Examples

If you want to set website traffic goals. First, you need to address what is the goal of your website. In this article, I am going to help you set a properly measured goal for your website.

What cannot be measured can never be achieved.

Website Goals

In the first section, I will share with you the top website goals that you need to address before you move towards the goal for your traffic.

Both these goals are mutually related and honest, aiming at one ultimately leading towards the other. But there is a difference in their thinking processes. Some focus on content, and some focuses on your budget, etc.

Design Goal

So the very first goal that should come to your mind regarding your website is the design goal. In that, you have to decide whether you want to create your website from zero levels.

Or do you want to have a pre-designed website? There are many already designed websites for sale on the internet. You can get professionally build designs, and without wasting your time over trivial problems, you can drive yourself right away in the business.

I know you might be wondering why I recommend you burn your money on these trivial issues.

But trust me, most of the time, people remain stuck in these problems and waste their time, and some end up ending at the beginning of their journey. So I will recommend you to create a list of websites that you like the most.

Moreover, create a second list of the features that you want on your website. And with these few things getting straight, it’s just a matter of time that you will get in a compatible position to launch your business.

So ill expect from you that you will not make the same mistake that most entrepreneurs do. And without dragging this process, you will work smart and get through it as soon as possible.

Content Goal

It would help if you made one thing sure that whatever is your website is going to be about. You are sharing extremely high-quality content. And it is possible only if you love and you are an expert at what you do.

Your website’s content will decide whether a person who has visited your website is willing to take any actions according to your recommendations.

An easy and quick way of doing this is you hire a professional content writer if you are going to share blog posts. Otherwise, if you are going to share visual content like videos graphics, hire yourself a great videographer and editor. It could be a podcast.

It really doesn’t matter much as long as you share some content on your extremely high quality and unique website.

You can use the skyscraping method. You can recreate some great content that already exists on websites and try to replicate it with 10 to 12 times more details and effort.

Traffic Goals

Your traffic goal is the ruler that will measure the success or failure of your business the most. It is the amount of traffic coming to your website per day, month, or so on.

So what are your goals for driving traffic to your website? There are countless ways to do that. But some ways are obviously better than others. Some are easier, quicker, and some are free.

My best ways include social media marketing, affiliate marketing, guest blogging, using Google AdSense.

That is why I emphasized selecting your content goals. Because here, you really need to be careful about what strategy will be best for your business.

Obviously, you cannot do all of them. You don’t have much time to try every strategy individually and waste your time determining which one works and which doesn’t.

Big internet business giants have their marketing teams and campaigns spending or, better call, burning their tons of money. So if your content is based on videos and podcast-like stuff, your priority should be social media marketing.

On the other hand, if you are a blog posting-based website owner. Guest logging or marketing through websites platforms like Quora or should be your priority.

After this step, you can set your goal into numbers. That will give you a good idea about how much more you have to improve.

But do it brilliantly and realistically. Don’t go too hard on yourself. Setting a goal of about 1000 visitors is a great first milestone to work towards.

Email List Goal

Building a great email list is one of the most recommended goals that professionals and experts provide. It should be on your wish list if you want to get into the business through your website.

So the question is, how are you going to grow an email list? As I mentioned earlier. There are countless ways to do that. But some ways are obviously better than others. Some are easier, quicker and some are free.

One of my favorites is to offer something in exchange for an email address to your website’s visitors or any traffic on social media or anywhere.

The giveaway strategies are the best. You can even turn people into your potential customers right away if your giveaway is some they want more. The giveaway could be a content upgrade, a lead magnet, a free opt-in, etc.


In this article, I shared the best ways to set goals for your website traffic in this article. You can learn about traffic generation.

Now it’s your turn. After setting your goals and aims straight, you are ready to jump into the ocean to generate more traffic to your website. The best way is to study the stuff and then apply.

You can also use free traffic-generating bots to get your desire for organic traffic overnight.

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