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A free website traffic generator is the key to generate a free website for a newly built website. To grow your online business, you need activity on the website. This article explains How To Get Millions of Free Website Traffic. It explains how to generate free website traffic, how to get website traffic in bulk, how to get website visitors to your website, how to generate targeted website traffic, and how to get website visitors by targeting specific keywords.

The techniques described here will help you get traffic at no cost to you and generate traffic at an unbelievable rate.

Techniques for Traffic Generation

Free Traffic Generator

One of the most popular free traffic generating techniques is using free traffic bots such as Web Traffic Generator or Traffic Ultimatum. This FREE traffic generator creates high-quality, relevant, organic traffic for your site with your desired keywords. It is an automated traffic agent and proxy. Using it, you can easily simulate different campaigns. It also helps generate traffic to websites owned by affiliate marketers.

Free Version

You may also opt to use a free traffic bot that produces traffic using Pay per Click techniques. It is called the Pay Per Click traffic generator. The Pay Per Click traffic generator creates traffic based on bidding on a keyword. With this system, you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. It requires a fair amount of research to find out what the top keywords are and select your keyword.

There is also a free traffic bot that produces traffic by using Pay per Click and the free version. This method of traffic generation uses both methods and simulates both paid versions.

Through Backlinking

Another popular way to simulate is to create a blog that includes content on the keywords you want to rank for. Create links to your website from the blogs you create. These techniques are commonly called “backlinks.”

Paid Version

A lot of traffic bots will automatically place ads on websites that they pretend to be. If you have many visitors to your site, it makes sense to take advantage of the free advertising available through the paid version of these programs. Using the paid version, the robot can create ads that appear at similar locations as actual websites, but those ads are placed through real human eyes.

Text Messages Campaign

Some software also provides the ability to connect with other websites via text messages. This allows your computer to send a message directly to another computer. The user then types in their name and creates a message on the other person’s screen. It sounds pretty sneaky, but it is a very secure way to interact with another person in actuality. The computer sends the message, not through some invisible string; it is typed directly into a message area.

Service Providing

One of the most popular ways to get traffic is to offer a product or service to people who visit your site. It is quite common to hear that you can’t really call yourself a good online entrepreneur unless you have a blog or website. If you’ve been using a free traffic generator for a while, you probably know how to get results from this tool.

Patience is the Key

It takes patience to drive traffic to websites. There are no guarantees that you will be successful, but you never know. Just keep trying and keep promoting your site because eventually, you will get results. With some practice and persistence, you will eventually learn how to generate more traffic and turn your traffic generation hobby into a real money-making enterprise.

Other Techniques

Through Blog Posting

You can try other methods to get more free website traffic generator results. One such method is by posting in forums and blogs. You should try to contribute something to each discussion.  People will get interested in you and make themselves more comfortable around you. Try to take part in discussions that are closely related to your topic so that people will be drawn to your posts.

Social Networking

Social networking is also another great way to generate free traffic generator results. You need to create accounts on as many social networking sites as you can. Join groups that relate to your niche and fill up your profile page. Attach links to your website and articles about your topic. Keep adding these, and soon you will see traffic coming to your page.

As you can see, you have lots of options when it comes to generating free website traffic generator results. Do not be afraid to try out different methods. Some methods may take a little while, but they are very worth the effort. As long as you do not spend too much time doing these activities, you should see good results. Just remember that the main key to success is getting as much traffic as possible.


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