Website Traffic From Social Media

Website Traffic From Social Media

November 8, 2020
Website Traffic Visitors Per Day

You must have used social media for some marketing. Website traffic from social media is an old but impactful way to generate traffic. Even if you don’t have a business or website, you use social media for recognition.

Website Traffic From Social media is the old age formula of traffic.  Now I want to start by actually dividing what it means to have traffic plus conversions equals sales and how to increase website traffic.

What is Website Traffic

Now by traffic, what I actually mean is that the total amount of traffic that you are getting to your website or your blog post, or any webpage.

If you don’t know anything about how many website visitors your site is getting or individual pages on your website.

You are required to install Google analytics on your website now.

Google Analytics

Now you can click “Here” to get access to Google Analytics. As soon as this is installed in your system, you can easily watch exactly how many visitors are getting to your website.

Here is data from your business social media accounts on how much traffic is each site gets.

You can watch social media traffic statistics. Moreover, you can see where exactly those visitors have come from. 

Now, if you are facing any problem installing Google Analytics or you don’t know how to install Google Analytics on your website at all.

What are Conversions

Conversions are essentially the total number of people or visitors who come to your website but not only come to watch your work. But are actually willing to buy from you. 

Also, the conversion can be some action they take after visiting your website. This action includes as small as signing up for your email newsletter.

Or as big as making a sale on your website. It is not wrong to say that your conversions are the bread and butter of your online business.

And without conversions, you are gonna get absolutely nothing. Forget about your sales. On the other hand, if your website is not getting any traffic, you are most unlikely to get any sales.

Website Traffic From Social Media


If you are entering the world of generating traffic to your website from social media, you must consider the big giants of social media.

Not only you should seek help from giants like YouTube, Facebook  but also from other platforms like

  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram
  • Traffic Generator Bots

So let’s see how to drive traffic to your website from these giants.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like an Instruction Board of your universities where you see different visuals and images providing information of some sort.

Create Your Business Account

I realized that a regular account and a business account actually have very different terms and services. Only in the business account can you get access to Pinterest analytics, which can turn out to be very, very beneficial.

Also, the commercial use of Pinterest is only allowed for business accounts and many other features that you can have for free.

The procedure of Website Traffic From Social Media

Pinterest will ask you to confirm your website.  And from the default settings, you can add a save button to attract your existing audience to Pinterest.

That I don’t prefer. So without much waiting, why don’t you create your free business account on Pinterest.

Complete the prerequisites, and you are ready to go and increase website traffic fast.

Importance of Pins

There are some facts about pins you might need to know.

  • As compared to a tweet, a pin is 100 times more efficient.
  • Each pin can drive up to 2-page visits and more than a couple of views.
  • Pins have the potential to generate profit for e-commerce businesses.
  • The life of a pin as compared to other media platforms is considerably high.

Website Traffic From Gram Media

Instagram is a very, very fantastic source of traffic. And among the best social media to drive traffic. If you are someone who can benefit your people and make their life easier.

If you have a story to tell the people about your success or have a talent that you can see can sell.

Instagram is your place to play the war. There are many ways through which you can generate traffic from Instagram.

Add Links

You can add links to your Instagram stories. Instagram does not allow you to add links to your website or blog on the posts.

Even if you add a link to your post description, it will only appear as a simple text rather than a hyperlink which is more annoying than appealing to customers.

So enter links to your Instagram stories or IG TV.

Call To Action

Moreover, ask your audience to direct message you. This is a great way to build a strong relationship with your customers, and also this will project an image of your work.

That is, you are very concerned about entertaining your customers’ queries and helping them resolve misunderstandings if any.  

More every you can directly ask your customer to buy your product or sign up on your website. Use Instagram stories to tease your audience.

Automated Website Traffic From Social Media

In this era of technology, where everything is happening so swiftly, you have to think smartly.

This FREE traffic bot software generates high-quality organic traffic according to your keywords, so your website will be positioned in the first search engine results.

Using them, you can get free traffic to your website or blog.

Once you know, your circumstances these social media traffic generators can boost your website rank.

Traffic Wizard – Paid Version

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We have learned about what traffic is and the relation between traffic and conversions, how we can generate traffic from social media giants like Instagram Pinterest and through automated traffic generation bots.

Practice these strategies as soon and with as dedication as possible.

Happy Learning :)

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