Website Traffic Free Online Top Ways

Website Traffic Free Online Top Ways

October 28, 2020
Website Traffic Reddit Marketing Strategies

Getting free website traffic online is not easy. That is only true if you rely on long-term traffic sources like search engine optimization for google search rather than website traffic-free online ways.

Which, by the way, is definitely a great traffic source for free website traffic. But SEO takes time, so how would you get free website traffic fast? Well, some great website traffic sources help you get free website traffic.

And that is what I am going to share with you in this article.

4 Website Traffic Free Online Ways

In this article, you’ll learn about 5 easy traffic sources to get free website traffic fast.

And if you will keep reading this article until the end, you’ll also come to know about a little secret chrome plugin that will help you get around 100,000 website visitors per month.

There are also many amazing tips and strategies you might not want to miss. The first traffic source to get high-quality free website traffic is Facebook groups.


Traffic from Facebook Groups

I know you must be thinking that you knew this already. And that is completely true.

Facebook groups are not a new thing; they have existed for years. But there is something new here. Facebook is pushing Facebook groups really hard recently. And even in the coming years, Facebook groups will be the top priorities for them.

That is why you will see posts from Facebook groups in your news feed, notifications, everywhere. In fact, the Facebook app has got a dedicated tab for groups.

In other words, Facebook groups have never been so active ever before. So what does this mean?

This means if you build a targeted group audience around your website niche or product and services you are selling, you can easily get free website traffic fast.

So Facebook groups can be a great source for free website traffic this year or even the next year. And what’s more satisfactory is you don’t even need to build your own group.

You can utilize other groups as well to get free website traffic.

Website Traffic Free Online from Quora

The next easy traffic source to get free website traffic is Quora.

In case you don’t know, Quora is a question-answer community where people ask questions and get answers to their questions.

According to Alexa traffic stats, it’s only the top 250 websites all over the world. If you search for anything, there is hardly any search query for which you won’t find it.

You will not find Quora in the top 10 search results. As a result of which Quora gets billions of free website traffic from Google itself.

And then, there are other search engines as well. So what does this mean? This means you can utilize this free traffic source to get free traffic to your website.

And even if you get a tiny percentage of traffic from this amazing traffic source, that can make a huge difference in your business.

So how do you get free website traffic from Quora?

  • Create a free Quora account, then fill up your profile and start answering.
  • Search for the queries related to the problem you solve, the expertise you have got, or even the products or services you offer.
  • Then answer the query and leave a meaningful answer that helps users.
  • Smartly add a link to your website and promote your stuff as well.

So that is how you’ll use Quora as a free website source to generate traffic to your blog or website.

Website Traffic Free Online from Medium

Medium is a free blogging platform where you may write and publish blog articles.

And, what’s more, amazing about Medium is it is a very high authority site,  which means if you write a high-quality article there, your article can rank pretty high and get a good chunk of free web traffic.

But that traffic comes to your Medium article only. And you might be wondering how to redirect this free traffic to your website. So that you may get free traffic, leads, and sales, right?

Well, you need to be smart here.

You can create a detailed blog post about a certain topic and publish it on your blog. Then write a mini version of that and publish it on Medium.

And smartly, in the end, write something like if you want to find more information about this, “Click Here.” Then add a hyperlink to your detailed blog post.

That way, you won’t be making moderators upset and ethically drive free website traffic to your website or blog posts.

Internal Links

Believe me; internet links are so powerful in providing value to your website page content. They show how well researched your content is, and Google will rank you up on the result pages.

Free Online Traffic Generator Bot

In this era of technology, where everything is happening so swiftly, you have to think smartly.

This FREE traffic bot software generates high-quality organic traffic according to your keywords, so your website will be positioned in the first search engine results.

This has to be monitored carefully, but these free traffic bot generators can boost your website rank once you know your circumstances.

Advantages of Free Traffic Generator

  • One of the main advantages of web traffic generator free is that you can see traffic coming to your page minutes later with only a few clicks.
  • You can test any product if it will get promoted in the market without waiting much longer.
  • It is controllable whenever you want to be sure about PPC, whether for a campaign or competition. You’ll always have the data on how many visits you generate every day and how much time you need these new visits.

Traffic Wizard – Paid Version

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I have shared the top 4 easiest ways to generate free traffic to your website or blog. Practice these tips and tools for a month, and you’ll watch your traffic performance improve at a considerable rate.

In the end, I would recommend you to practice practice and practice.

Happy Learning :)

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