Website Traffic For Your Success

Website Traffic For Your Success

November 3, 2020
Website Traffic For Your Success

In this article, I will share with you all about how to increase your website traffic in not one, not two, but 5 steps.

You have to burn a lot of time and money, probably if you are not comfortable with the complexities that it requires.

But as this article is all about free and fast, and easy-to-use strategies to get at least the same amount of traffic or even more through paid and complex strategies.

In this article, you will learn about 5 easy traffic sources to get free website traffic swiftly.

Define Your SEO Goal to Increase Website Traffic

Now I know what you are thinking. All these complex A grad student tricks. Where the first is always to define your goals. But trust me, this will contribute to generating a lot of traffic to your website.

And you probably want to be more specific than just more traffic. Unless you are selling adverts on your site on a cost-per-impression basis. Most of the business want to raise leads or sales through their websites.

So actually, just having a pure organic traffic goal doesn’t make sense when we say that we want a particular number of conversions.

For example, let’s say you are getting 10 conversions through your website every day, and you want to take that up to 30, but you want to do so with awesome lovely free organic traffic.

If your conversion rate is 2%, you are getting 2 conversions to every 100 organic visitors. You will get 10 for every 500 and so 30 for every 30,000 visitors.

Target Your Audience

There are different ways you can identify your target audience. For example, you can go to google analytics, and you can use the audience information there.

So one of the ways that you can analyze your audience, although you got to use cautions inside the google analytics. So there, you can see the audience, and you will get the overview.

Moreover, you can go into things like demographics, where you can look at your audience’s age and gender. Now a word of warning here. Some of the data that is presented by google analytics is Okay.

Some of it is just plain weird. But the very best way to understand your traffic is by actually talking to them.

Talk to your Audience

Now, if you don’t talk to your audience day-to-day in your job, talk to your sales team, find out what sort of people are these.

You have to build up a customer avatar, but you also want to understand the particular phrases that they are going to be searching to go back and listen to the sales calls.

Now another thing that you can do inside Analytics is not just looking at all of the users coming to your site. But actually looking at the people that convert.

So you can set up a segment name for converters, which are only the converters, and that will give you information on not only the entirety of the individuals that are going onto your site.

But whose coming on to your site is actually turning into a lead or sale.

Find Key Competitors of Your Website Traffic


The next step is to understand your key competitors. So let’s say, for example, you are trying to rank phrases like cheap mobile contracts.

What you will be doing is looking at the sort of businesses that are ranking for these. Now not just in the organic results but actually even in the ads as well. But we have gonna learn about the organic results.

So what do we know about the top 5 or 7 ranking sites ranking for that term? Well, firstly, it’s not the site itself that is ranking for this term.

Research Competitors SEO Strategies

Now, what you will do is put your competitor’s website in SEMursh to see what they are ranking for.

So by putting a website into the SEMrush, you can quite quickly build an understanding of what they are doing.

Even if you are doing it for the first time, you can immediately see that the term in their website title will be searched the most.

So that is a lot of branded traffic. This indicates that they are obviously doing some significant offline or other online marketing that generates good branded impressions.

You can also see the keywords they are ranking in. So that way, studying their website, you can deduce what they are doing to rank.

Build An Email Marketing List of Website Traffic

This is the next tip. This isn’t necessarily about getting organic traffic, but it’s about retaining it. You must build an email marketing list. I know a ton of e-commerce business owners, and they hate emailing people.

This can be the biggest form of getting returning traffic but also the biggest form of revenue.

So, what you want to do is include a pop-up on your website. Again people don’t like pop-ups. They think it’s annoying, but I can guarantee you will be collecting emails every single day.

Once people put these emails in your pop-up box, you basically want to email them once a week minimum with the latest news that you have. That news does not have to be about the products you are selling; it needs to be relevant content.

Also, you can offer them to follow you on Facebook you or you can tell them about your latest blog post that you have written. Moreover, you can share something useful from which they can benefit from.

Traffic Wizard – Paid Version

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In this article, I had shared with you how to build an email list for driving more traffic to your website and how you can generate traffic-free through a traffic bot.

These were the step-by-step ways to get more traffic to your website. You can learn more about how to increase traffic to your website.

Happy Learning :)

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