Website Traffic During Covid And After It

Website Traffic During Covid And After It

December 20, 2020
website traffic during covid

In this article, I will share with you several ways COVID-19 is affecting search traffic and website traffic during covid and after it.

In these times of crisis, SEOs are responsible for their own site’s data to meet customer needs.

You can hardly find any aspect of life that is not directly or indirectly suffering due to pandemics through coronavirus.

The most common question in the mind of every SEO right now is, “How are the effects of coronavirus changing the SEO dynamics.”

Well, as always, you know SEO’s metrics are all about “it depends.”

Because search reflects the behavior of a human towards a particular condition or environment, and covid-19 is changing every environment differently.

For example, just as people are making lines outside markets or supermarkets, eCommerce sites that provide those same products are experiencing a massive flood in business.

This is also changing, as reports reveal. For example, the demand for goods that do not need refrigeration is observing a rise.

After the announcement, that long distancing and quarantine are for weeks. As SEOs, we’ll need to react accordingly.

I’ve been able to look at the data for a few sites and observed the impacts of covid-19 very carefully.

Many of my college SEOs also shared with me information regarding my research.

So based on what I have observed and what I came to know from other SEO experts, my analysis of website traffic is due to covid-19.

1. E-commerce Website Traffic During Covid

I am pretty sure that everyone can understand if you haven’t noticed that due to this pandemic, e-commerce stores, especially the ones that sell essential items, are surging up.

That is to say, products relevant to the pandemic, like hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, thermometers, etc., bring people to those eCommerce sites.

This is an excellent increase in demands, as well as a shortage of products in the market.

It has even created new searches like “toilet paper near” and “hand sanitizer near me.” which is hilarious but a considerable change.

On the other side, I’ve seen non-essentials like makeup experiencing drops due to decreased employment rates. As international airlines were ended, products related to luggage also dropped.

But products that are non-essentials one day will become essentials later.

Around the same time, gyms were closed, and searches for indoor sports were raised. For example, “ring fits” were searched more than fitness-related keywords.

Also, things like “office chair” or “office table” started popping up in the search engines. Because of the closure of offices, employers were subjected to work from home.

2. Health & Wellness Website Traffic During Covid

The wellbeing and health destinations were additionally flooding quickly during the time of a pandemic.

Lately, Google has been taking action against content that gives counsel and data on things like clinical issues (a “Your Money or Your Life” subject, as per their quality rater rules), holding it to a highly elevated expectation.

Because of COVID-19, the wellbeing and health concerning sites as far as I’ve investigated encounter a general flood in impressions and traffic.

It would appear that it has brought about many search inquiries like “Covid side effects.”

On the other side, individuals appear to be caring very much less about things like irregular fasting.

Likewise, by all accounts an uptick in inquiries for common cures like “antiviral spices,” “antibacterial basic oils,” and “antiviral nourishments.”

3. Recipe Websites Website Traffic During Covid

The cooking sites I’ve had the option to investigate so far have encountered an expansion in impressions and views, Although not exactly as extreme as fundamentals retailers or health concerning websites.

This is likely because more individuals are cooking at home instead of eating out. This may keep on expanding.

4. Travel Website

You may feel that movement sites are taking tremendous traffic hits by all accounts because of movement limitations and social removing.

Nonetheless, I’ve seen impressions and traffic flood up.

My first tendency was to be inferable from individuals hoping to drop, reschedule, or get discounts for their appointments.

Ends up, it is by all accounts a smidgen more confounded than that.

I’ve really seen impressions and traffic floods for inquiries like “modest flights” – conceivably because, with all the cancellations, individuals are accepting aircraft that will sell seats at super limited costs.

Obviously, it seems like journey-related inquiries are additionally moving down.

The movement business is assorted, incorporating flights, lodgings, travels, and that’s just the beginning.

The particular effect will shift contingent upon the area. Generally, however, the movement business is unquestionably feeling the effect.

Will Things Get Back To Normal

The good news is that most hardest-hit states all over the globe are now recovering and rebounded the gaps in their sales.

No doubt that we are happy that the sales are bouncing back to where they were before the pandemic outbreak.

But the question are we completely recovering? Different states are showing different results. But on average, the majority of the states have fully recovered.

No one is sure about what stats the coming days will bring. But it is good to know that today’s results are showing recovery.

You can use the stats of today’s world to plan a better tomorrow and minimize the chances of risks and mistakes concerning the business.

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In this article, I have shared with you the changes this pandemic has brought to the websites.

You can learn more about increasing your business during a pandemic and website traffic generation on our blog.

Happy Learning :)

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