Website Traffic Conversion Rate Increase

Website Traffic Conversion Rate Increase

November 22, 2020
Website Traffic Conversion Rate Increase

In this article, I will share with you one of the coolest and smartest hacks that anyone can use for website traffic conversion rate increase for a website’s business.

I presume that you know what the conversion rate is?

If you want to transform your online store or blog posts into a potential customer or a lead generation machine.

And you want to know how to increase the conversion rate in digital marketing.

Today, I will teach you all the amazing tactics and top tips and secrets to get toward your goals fast.

If you are starting with your online business, you can read more about traffic generation.

While setting goals for your website, these tips can really change your thinking or approach to your business journey.

You can increase the conversion rate of e-commerce.

So that you never miss any rudimentary concept required to succeed online.

Let’s start with one simple sentence that can indeed double your conversion rates.

CTA For Website Traffic Conversion Rate

So credit where credit is due in years of my experience and reading about how you can increase the number of donations on your website.

I learned a trick from  Dr. Robert Shell Dini in his book influence.

So I will explain to you how the trick works and to what extent it will impact your sales and conversions.

You can start using them today and watch the changing results overnight.

So in the research, what the professional analyst found by analyzing the donation process for the American disabled persons.

He discovered that by making a little change in the call to action campaign or the CTA copy.

The organization was able to double the number of conversions in the form of a double number of donations.

So let’s look at the source of other observations and the actual copy that they used.


The click-to-action statements said like “Would you like to be a part of humbleness in the world and help someone by donating money?

If we look at the revised and smart version of it, it increased the number of donations up to twice as many as they were generated from the previous one.

That is more than the average website conversion rate by industry.

It said like “Are you willing to help by donating? Every tiny help will count. Even a penny will help.”

So here is what happened: the people who got the first impression were about 28% likely to donate.

On the other hand, people who got impression number 2 were 50% more likely to contribute to the donations.

That is nearly the double simply by just adding that tiny little copy tweak.

So the question may arise that why was that so effective? Well, the answer is as simple as the simplicity of the addition in the impression.

The reason is more oriented towards the neuropsychological human behaviors, but to put it in simple words.

If you ask someone for a simple favor that requires minimum effort.

And with a little tweak, you explain how small your action is and how much it will mean to you or your organization.


You will notice a major increase in your conversions. And the chances of people to take that action.

It is not restricted to only asking for people to donate but also asking them to sign up for a freebie on your website in exchange for their email addresses.

Or you can take it into the next step by suggesting they attend a seminar of yours and get more awareness about your brand.

So that observation is not restricted towards the noble deed processes like nonprofit NGOs, donations, etc.

It can help your business and your website’s relevant CTA strategies to work at their best.

Let’s take a look at the two actionable ways to make it actually work on your website.

How to increase sales conversion rate?

Provide Time Awareness For Website Traffic Conversion Rate

Yes, you heard it right. The first one is actually about letting your audience know how little time will your call take if they act upon it.

So all you need to take care of is you let them know how swift it will be to sign up or how much of their time it will take to watch your content.

Or they can read your free guide or take a short quiz.

So you can integrate the major goal into micro-processes. And instead of asking them to “sign up now to get access to free stuff,”

You can double the impact by adding a tiny tweak on that impression and tell them to “get free stuff now, and it will take only 5 seconds.”

Commitments For Website Traffic Conversion Rate

The second way on the list is to minimize your commitments.

You may be thinking that is the same reason given to you for matchmaking sites.

Well, that is true. Most popular match-making websites know the importance of this.

So most of the people in the market for a matchmaker apparently are terrified of the commitments and, if all, the hard sell.

People always admire knowing their prospects without uncertain terms, such as knowing that they are not going to get full-court press or other restrictions.

They are going to be more relaxed about the whole process. And more than willing to talk to you.

So instead of giving the impression of getting your free consultation, you can add a simple tweak to that it is just a short casual engagement to see if we are compatible with each other.

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This article talked about the best way to increase your conversion rates with simple CTA tweaks.

Happy Learning :)

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