Website Traffic But No Sales In Business

Website Traffic But No Sales In Business

November 3, 2020
Website Traffic But No Sales In Business

This article will discuss how many website owners easily get hundreds or thousands of website traffic but no sales to their website.

It is kind of a mystery to solve that if someone is generating traffic, why are there not enough conversions. Dealing with this problem can be a headache. You can check high traffic no sales – Shopify.

So why are your visitors not converting into your potential customer? Many factors determine why you have traffic but no conversion. A visitor will buy from you and become your customer.

These factors may contain small details from the color of your headings to the number of words in your meta description etc.

Before pursuing the solution, you have to first determine the right problem for traffic, but no add to carts. Because of this, your sales are poor.

Otherwise, you will be solving the problems, but they will be the wrong problems, and the result is clicked but no sales. So step back for some time from generating more traffic to your store.

And think about the sales and conversion rate of your website.

Here is some question you can address yourself and fix them step by step to increase the possibilities of your visitors to but from you.

Improve Navigation For Website Traffic But No Sales

Similarly, as in a physical store, users expect washrooms or changing rooms to the end of the store. So that they don’t have to bother asking where to find it.

Similarly, in an online store where most users or visitors have prior experience of online shopping. And they are very used to the traditional toolbars.

They expect certain things to find on a toolbar. If you are not providing them with these facilities, they will not crawl to any other page on your website.

This will increase your bounce rate and decrease your sales because of lots of sessions but no sales.
So make sure that you are providing the right navigations at the right place on your website.

Honesty Is The Key to Success

The homepage of your website plays a key role in determining whether a visitor will stay on your website to shop or not.

Which will cause high traffic low sales. Moreover, you have to project an honest image of your brand on your homepage.

Use your logo to demonstrate how much high-quality and professional services you provide. All the visuals and content on your home page should be of the highest quality.

90% of your visitors will judge your product quality based on the quality of visuals and logo on your website.

Use them to demonstrate your brand value and goals to provide customers complete satisfaction with your services and product.

Illustrate that you have a respected image in the market and you have a legacy to maintain.

Use CTA For Website Traffic But No Sales

Make sure that your home page has several calls to action strategies. You can post a video asking your visitors to subscribe to your social media platforms.

Or you can straightforwardly ask them to try your best products right away. Please encourage them to buy more using different contests or recognition or prices.

Moreover, you can pop-ups to ask your visitors to sign in to your site to not miss any amazing giveaways or sales in the future.

I know you may think that pop-ups are very irritating, but trust me, once you start using them. You will be generating leads of hundreds daily.

Give it a try and watch the magic happening.

Speak to your Audience

Engaging with your audience as much as possible. You may feel anxiety or shyness in the starting but trust me. This could have so many positive effects on your sales.

You can organize live seminars with them weekly or monthly. Answer their queries live and help them with resolving any misunderstandings regarding your organization.

You can use the copy element on your homepage directly in short sentences and precise descriptions to ask your customers to buy your product.

If your homepage copy element addresses every one of your visitors to buy from you, it is equally considered to ask no one.

Target Your Audience


Analyzing what makes a customer visit your website site. Target the week points specifically in a way that when visitors visit your site.

He may say that, yes, this is the site I was looking for, and this is the product that is for me.

Craft Your Story and Share

People love to share success stories. Tell them your own success story in a way that they can feel the emotional ups and downs while going through your hard journey.

They will help you share your success with their friends, which will increase your sales. But also, it will become word of mouth, and your brand value will boost significantly.

Free Bot Traffic For Website Traffic But No Sales

There are also many illegitimate ways or black hats to generate SEO traffic. All you have to focus on is your website content quality, and these automated bots do the rest of the work for you.

Many websites use free traffic generation channels to generate traffic to their website. This is so easy and volume traffic that people also learn about how do websites handle heavy traffic?

You can start generating traffic of your desired location and quantity overnights for free using our free traffic generation bot.

This FREE traffic bot software generates high-quality organic traffic according to your keywords.

So your website will be positioned in the first search engine results.

Traffic Wizard – Paid Version

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Make your website easier to navigate, engage more with your visitors, offer giveaways, and optimize your homepage as much as possible ad visuals to it.

Now it is your turn to divide these strategies and implement them.

You can learn more about making money from the website.

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