Website Qualified Traffic For Free

Website Qualified Traffic For Free

November 18, 2020
Website Traffic Vs Conversion. Increase Conversions?

Do you have a website for your business or store? Do your organization enjoys the realm of the internet’s website qualified traffic? Where you can sell anything any time at any place in the world to anyone, even while you are sleeping.

Or enjoying your time with your family and friends while these websites are making money for your organization. Ensuring qualified traffic to your website is very important to increase and enhance your business success rate.

However, if not, then without wasting much time. In this article, I will share with you the best and competent ways to make your online experience easier.

What is Qualified Traffic

Qualified traffic refers to users who reach your website that has already shown interest in your products and, therefore, can be considered potential clients.

Long short, many people nowadays try to build a website for their organizations or ministries, and that is a reasonable approach. But most of the time, in my experience engaging with other fellow web owners and professionals.

People use video content that covers everything people or clients need to know about you. Most of the time, web owners use these videos for some big events or place them on their websites.

Also, use them from time to time to share them on different social media platforms. Leverage their businesses but also generate traffic or, better say, qualified traffic to their website.

The strategies given below will help your website’s traffic and strive for unified traffic to your website. So let’s jump straight into our first strategy.

Qualified Traffic For Business

The key component of your business you may be missing right now is qualified traffic, so if you are trying to build a business online or trying to sell many offers online.

There is one significant key that you should know, and that is traffic. But some people like to have traffic from free and easy ways. But the biggest problem with all the free things and also with traffic is.

It is very slow to do your business and can slow results. For example, you can relate it with driving a Ferrari, but you are actually pushing the car instead of driving it.

Hilarious, isn’t it? Most people make this silly mistake as they don’t use the maximum potential of free traffic strategies. People use many kinds of payment strategies. For example, some of them use pay per click some of them use solo ads.

And the biggest problem that is associated with solo ads is that the list that you are renting is not quite sure the actual audience in that list. That means there is a considerable number of people who are not ready to buy what you are offering.

Qualified Traffic from Quora


If you are looking for more traffic to your website, this strategy will be your favorite one. You must have heard about Quora. The website where you get a chance to ask a question or to answer someone else’s question.

Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s a question-and-answer platform. Quora has a huge number of visitors per month, roughly speaking about 60 million-plus clicks per month.

That means there are already hundreds and thousands of people waiting to visit your website. For example, if you have a travel vlog, to be more specific, let’s say a travel vlog to Asia, there are plenty of people or travelers on Quora.

Asking questions about where to travel in the region of Asia. Or the best place for 6 days trip to Asia etc. Moreover, if you have a cat food product or a dog food product, you will surely find people.

If not thousands but hundreds of people asking for the best food for their cat breed or a dog breed, respectively. Or where can they buy a cat or dog feed? All your job is to do is head on over to the site of Quora.


Sign in with your account if you already have one, or sign up for a new account absolutely free. And whenever you respond to some questions or ask one, include a link back to your website.

Make sure that the question and topics you are entertaining are relevant to your website. And take your time and concentration as well as intentions to answer the questions properly. Don’t overdo your website promotion.

In a way that you will look like a scam. This will damage the reputation of your business very badly. Do it in a very natural way. That you really feel the responsibility of helping people.

Otherwise, your answers may get deleted. The other great thing about Quora is that the people in hundreds and thousands of visits. Who has the same question will be checking out your answers.

These are already qualified people interested in your website who can then click through to your site.

Traffic Generation Bot

You can get this free traffic with our free traffic bot generator. Whatever little money you would invest in buying traffic for your website can be changed to zero.

All you have to do now is to reap the fruits. Buy our free traffic bot generator and make your life easier. This generates free organic traffic to your website.

Thus our free automatic bot provides you with profits that buying traffic will give you a small difference that our automated bot is free. Our bot will attract new viewers to your site just like other software that generates traffic.

All in all, buying traffic is a helpful way to increase your viewership and promote your website. This helps in gaining new viewers or attracting new audiences for you.

Traffic Wizard – Paid Version

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In this article, I have discussed and explained the importance of qualified traffic and how you can get qualified traffic from video content and Quora.

Happy Learning :)

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