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Website Can Get Traffic For Free

The website can get traffic is not so easy. There is no question about that. But the thing is, it is also not as hard as some people think it is. There is no complex rocket science in the strategies that you can use to generate free traffic to your website.

All you need to do is understand the proper way and time that these techniques require to show results. You have to be patient and eager to learn as much as possible along the way of trying and practicing them for your website.

Because if you rely on SEO, that is search engine optimization strategies for Google search. Or other core techniques with not to mention are definitely great ways. And great traffic sources among the free website traffic sources.

Website Can Get Traffic From YouTube

When the question arises about video marketing or generating traffic through video marketing, YouTube, by all means, is the leading and giant of the internet in this regard.

According to the Alexa ranking of this year, YouTube is the second most visited website on the planet. It comes after Google, and in fact, it is owned by Google. And guess what? YouTube is no longer a platform where you go to watch funny cat cuddling videos.

For some content makers, it is the source of their living, and for some, it is an institute. And nonetheless, for some, it is a business marketplace. They are using YouTube as a search engine.

So what is the good news about it for you? You can use this search engine to optimize your targeted videos to generate traffic to your website. If you manage to rank yourself on YouTube, you can accept to get tons and tons of visits and even tons of sales.

To drive them from your YouTube videos to your blog page or web page, or website, all you have to do is place your site’s link in the description section. Also, you can drive free referral traffic to your blog posts or webpages of your website you like.

Why do people find it tough?


Overall considering the procedure of YouTube marketing, it is pretty easy to work with.

But some people find it hard to do serval reasons that may include.

  • Some people are camera shy, and they don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera.
  • They lack the right video equipment and gear.
  • And they don’t know what kind of content to create.
  • They find it complex to optimize for a higher ranking on YouTube.
  • Moreover, to make more profit with lesser views and clicks, and subscribers.

But thanks to the diversification of the internet, it has always got your back when no one else can help you. You can find paid as well as free couchings to comes to these fears and hurdles.

They will help you not only overcome them but also leverage your marketing strategies to the next level. So your job is to learn video marketing skills and jump on the platform as soon as possible.

As there are these difficulties that not everyone can easily cope with and ace their target. The competition is still very low. You have a great chance to arise.

If you are willing to get free traffic, leads, and sales, you can visit my blog page. If you want to generate traffic to your website, you can try our paid version of the software.

I have tried to explain every useful strategy and every coaching material you could ask for in these blogs.

Take your time to learn from them.

Website Can Get Traffic From Pinterest

Secondly, the most effective and my most favorite way to generate organic qualified traffic is Pinterest. Basically, Pinterest is an image-sharing site where you can create pinboards.

The algorithm of interest is totally different from that of Instagram or YouTube. Because on Pinterest, there are about 800,000,00 people per month. That is a lot of traffic. You can follow other people in it.

But unlike YouTube or Instagram, the more followers you have, the more views or likes you get on Pinterest. Often people with only hundreds of followers manage to generate millions of shares and clicks.

It’s all about your description and pin image. Pinterest is again an indication that the future is in the video content. At Pinterest, you can upload an image relevant to your website and link it to that website for free website traffic.

It can become one of the top sources for referral traffic to your website regarding organic traffic. Images that are available on Pinterest get a good share of impressions and clicks to their website.

The funny thing about Pinterest is that it invested about 2 to 3 minutes in adding pins to Pinterest, and you can legitimately generate approx. 100,000 impressions and visits. Your account will get ranked better if you carefully optimize your Pins.

First, you have to know who your audience is. And what is your website content is all about?

Use the Right Key Words

Use the relevant keywords in your board names. In the pin description and even in the name of your account. The more relevant and catchy keywords you’ll add, the more your rank in the search engine of interest and among people’s searches.

Blogging Component to Attract Traffic From Pinterest

I came to know that since 2016 Pinterest has changed its algorithm for deciding which pins to show to the user on their home feed. I have realized it usually discourages the pins that have attractive images but not so attractive content.

For example, blogs and valued content attached to the pins are more promoted. So I will suggest making a blog component for your website with pinnable images if you don’t have one.


In this article, I have shared the best ways to generate traffic-free from YouTube and Pinterest, and you can also generate free bot traffic using our free services.

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Now it is your turn to apply these strategies and make use of them.

Happy Learning 🙂