Traffic Generation

Traffic Generation Strategies That Work For Free

Several traffic generation strategies work. People employ them, but the truth of the matter is that most of them do not work very well. This is because traffic is a highly complicated thing to track and measure.

Without knowing how traffic is being affected by various techniques, it won’t be easy to adjust strategies to make them more effective. However, if you want to learn more about traffic generation strategies that don’t work, keep reading on.

Traffic Generation Strategies

First off, I want to talk about some of the most popular traffic generation strategies that do not work. For example, many companies create traffic with banner ads, pay-per-click advertising, and the like. While these methods can generate traffic, they do so very inefficiently and cost a lot of money. Most traffic that these types of traffic generate ends up going straight back into the company’s pocket.

Article Marketing

Another one of the most ineffective traffic generation strategies is article marketing. The idea behind this one is quite simple: write articles and submit them to article directories. People read your articles and then leave them on the directories themselves. However, there is a problem. Very few people read these articles, and if they do, only a small percentage will click on your links to go to your site.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This leads to yet another in the long list of free traffic generation strategies that don’t work at all. Pay-per-click advertising is another common technique used by many companies, and it also just does not work at all. Even though Google AdWords is an effective program, it is also the most abused of all traffic generation strategies.

Email Marketing

What you need to do is focus on getting people to sign up for your list. Once you have their contact information, you can then email them constantly with excellent results. This is by far the best way to get traffic to your site without spending money on advertising. What you want to do is to create content that will be valuable to your readers. This content should be helpful, and it should solve a problem that they are having.

If you are going to use traffic generation strategies such as article marketing, then you will also want to put heavy emphasis on article submission to the top article sites on the Internet.

The reason why article marketing is so effective is that it has the added benefit of ranking well in search engines. So if someone searches for what you have written, your article could potentially come up in the search engine results. Although this will not get you tons of free traffic overnight, you will see profits in no time if you build your business on the back of steady traffic.

Social Networking

Another of the traffic generation strategies I am going to share with you involves social networking. This is probably one of the most underused methods for driving traffic. One of the reasons I like social networking is that it is a free traffic generation strategy that is highly effective.

By building a profile on a popular social network such as Facebook or starting a page on Twitter, you can start driving traffic to your website very quickly. The only downside is that these websites usually need a lot of content to be successful, making sure you are giving your article plenty of content.


As you can see, there are many different traffic generation strategies that you can implement. Just remember that some traffic generation strategies may not work for your particular business and that the best methods will require lots of content. If you are having trouble finding traffic, then make sure you invest a lot of time into search engine optimization. Not only will this help you get free traffic, but it can help you get new leads as well!

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