How Website Traffic Make Money

How Website Traffic Make Money

November 8, 2020
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How website traffic makes money? This is one of the most common questions many people ask. It is a mystery how a website monetizes its efforts and simple websites that make money with strategies on their product or services.

Obviously, it is not certain and also not fair to generalize any way of doing that. People are creative and very, very smart, and hence they are unpredictable and impossible to generalize.

However, we can divide how website traffic makes money into smaller chunks and segments to understand it so that you don’t waste your hours and hours of effort and work at solving the wrong problems.

In this article, we will discuss how to make money online.

The most important models for making money from traffic for your website. As well as we will discuss some pros and cons of each.

But first, let’s put some light on why you want to generate money from a website in the first place?

Extremely Low Cost

One of the reasons many people prefer and find online business more convenient is because websites are extremely low start-up costs nowadays.

In this era of the internet, you can ask yourself how to earn money from your website. You can start a business from scratch for less than a hundred dollars upfront.

For example, if you will do the online business of brick and mortar, unlike traditional business, your online business is accessible to anyone on the planet.

At any time of the day. This means you can earn money even while you are sleeping and not physically present to your customer. Also, it can be automated. Most of the websites are running automatically using AI and computer software.

All you have to do is make a list of your data and analyze your sales and marketing. In this way, the website owner can focus more on their content rather than its complex SEO.

As I have covered the need for a website, let’s jump straight into one of the models by which you will make money from a website.

How Website Traffic Make Money By Services

You will get to know how to make money with a website without selling anything.

Most of the website owners provide different kinds of services to their visitors to earn money from it. Brick and mortar businesses or consulting agencies looking to establish an online presence.

The model of this strategy is straightforward. Drive traffic to your website via sources and provide them your services. At this time of industrialization, every online real estate should have some online real estate.

  • It is a great off of selling your brand services and build trust and clients.
  • However, the downside of this model is that it takes time to make money.

How Website Traffic Make Money By Rank and Rent

So perhaps you are interested in passive income. Passive income is any income that is generated through an asset via flipping the set or renting it. Your website is also or can become an asset.

So what if you have a service website and just rented out the site to someone to actually follow through with these services.

This is called the rent model to make money from your website.

  • We can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to enhance the performance of our site.
  • Moreover, this will give a steady flow of traffic to your webpage or blog, or website.
  • You can contact a local business that can use your website and leads and rent your site out to them.

Affiliate Marketing


One of the best ways of making money online is through affiliate links. This is the favorite and most used way of generating revenue from your website that many professionals and old website owners use.

You can make money from your website by simply recommending other products or services. Many websites will have affiliate programs to offer you commission on all sales that come through the visitors from your website.

Review and suggest products that will help your website visitors solving problems. Generate an affiliate link of the product on your website or blog post.

This is an extremely passive way of generating money from a website, so I’ll highly recommend that you practice this model for your own website.

And see how it makes money for you while you sleep. You don’t even have to create or ship your products or affiliate products.

All you have to do is get people on the internet to turn into a website with products and work on converting their visitors into customers.

Usually, you get a 40-50 percent cut from the profit. That means that if a product generates a profit of 100 dollars, your cut, that is, if  50%, will be 50 dollars.

Easy money, isn’t it?

Traffic Generation Bot

Before I wrap up my conversation, I need to tell you a reward strategy that you can use to improve your active clicking factor.

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With everything considered, purchasing traffic is a useful method to expand your viewership and advance your site. This aids in increasing new watchers or drawing in new crowds for you.

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In this article, we have seen why you should choose an online store to make money instead of a traditional store. And different ways like promoting services, affiliate marketing, and rank and rent to make money online.

Happy Learning :)

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