How Much Website Traffic You Can Get For Free

How Much Website Traffic You Can Get For Free

November 27, 2020
How Much Website Traffic Can You Get For Free

If you have a new website and wonder how much website traffic to get on your website. Or how to get traffic to your website fast? But you are not a big organization with a big budget of money to burn on traffic generation strategies.

Well, I have good news for you. There are many ways to generate organic and high-quality qualified traffic to your website or blog posts. In this article, I will share with you some of my favorite and white hat techniques that can boost your website traffic.

So let’s dive right into it.

How Many Websites Traffic From YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website on the planet. More than 35% of the mobile traffic belongs to YouTube. YouTube has a very, very smart algorithm such that the YouTube algorithm recommends about 70% of its watched videos.

Check website traffic free using Google Analytics. Yes, I know you are wondering if the smartness of the algorithm is going to make it hard for you to generate a considerable amount of traffic.

But that is not the whole picture. If your aim is for good, you can get a ton of subscribers for your website in a relatively short period. Once you have reached a certain level, you can not only make money from your YouTube channel. But also from your website even when you are not working for it.

How Much Website Traffic From YouTube?

If you want to know what the procedure is for getting traffic from YouTube for free. So basically, YouTube is a video content marketplace. If you want to get successful on YouTube, you need to have good ideas for video content.

After managing to create video content relative to your YouTube community (follow the trend) rather than relevant to your website products, you cannot just upload videos about your products. That will not work; people will get burned out.

Keeping this in mind, you have to share content that you think people will be interested in watching. Upload the content and promote your video within the first 24 hours of its upload.

Because YouTube’s algorithm ranks the videos according to the success rate within 24 hours of their upload, join social communities like Facebook groups, online free forums, use hashtags on Instagram, etc.

Ask your friends and family members to subscribe and watch your videos. Moreover, ask people to comment on your videos. Not only this will help you rank your videos to get more traffic. But also, it will help you learn what people liked or disliked about your videos.

See it as a call to action strategy. Ask them to comment about trivial things like have you ever made a YouTube channel etc. But as I mentioned earlier, do not overdo it. They will think of you as a scam.

Put a link to your website in the description and ask them if they want to know more about you. This will drive a good deal of traffic from YouTube to your website. You can do it in reverse order. That is to say; you can drive traffic from your website to your YouTube channel.

This will not only grow your channel but will also enhance your website or blog content quality.

Offer Free Udemy Course

Similar to YouTube, Udemy has a huge online audience. It gets over 68 million visitors per month. The way I see it. It is a great opportunity and a lot of traffic to miss.

Another great thing about it is that the audience on Udemy is highly qualified, and they have a hunger to learn something new or something in a better way.

You can use free giveaway strategies. Give something of value to people, and in return, they might visit your website or contribute to your donations. You can give away PDFs or workbooks, the downloadable, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, Udemy can provide you with qualified traffic. That is to say that if someone is taking your course and spending hours learning something, they do learn.

They will get highly motivated to give it back somehow, and you can bet if you let them know there is a way. They are highly likely to convert. As they are highly engaged. Because you have constructed amazing connections with them.

And the most important thing is their trust. That will encourage them to become your regular customers.

How Much Website Traffic From Pinterest

The third free traffic source for your website is Pinterest. You may be wondering, another social media platform? Trust me, that is a great opportunity to get your website on to the next high level.

Moreover, the competition is not that low, so you have to try everything one by one, and which every you find has the potential to upgrade your business, stick to that. Pinterest has a monthly audience of about 800 million-plus.

That is a lot of traffic, right? I presume that you have used or at least heard about Pinterest. They are publicly traded now if you are not familiar with them. No worries, I have a full blog on how to generate traffic from Pinterest. Sooth yourself!

So when you are on Pinterest, you want to post as many pins as possible to get more attraction. If your pins are relatively optimized, more people will come to visit your website and even convert for a long haul. This is how to get targeted traffic for free.

So what I want you to do on Pinterest is to find a relative picture of your website’s best blogs. You can use Canva to get free images of high quality. Make a board and at least Pin 20 of these relevant images with a description and link for your website.

You can get 1000 to 10,000 visitors from Pinterest within a month of practice.

Free Traffic Generation Bot

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These were the best professionally used free strategies that anyone can use to rank on search results and get traffic to your website free.

Happy Learning :)

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