Hi, my name is Waqar Ashraf and I am a certified web automation engineer with more than 10 years of experience. One of my greatest works in the field is the best traffic bot the Traffic Wizard.

If you have no experience with us and you are new here. Let me have a few minutes of your time to explain to you how we can add more value to your online work experience.

In this article, you’ll learn how traffic wizard is different from all other traffic bots out there.

How much easier this bot can make your life. And last but not least how much we want to make long-lasting relations with all our customers.

First, let us know why a traffic bot is important. Later we will put some light on “all the complex work” it does and the efficiency of its working.

Why Do You Need Traffic Bot?

Why do you want an auto traffic bot?

It depends on how you will define the word ‘you’ in the question.

Are you someone who has just started a website or has a website for a fairly long time? And need a push on search result pages overnights?

So, instead of wasting your time and money on hiring an SEO specialist team, years of research, trying useless strategies and failing and other expensive and time-consuming procedures.

Why don’t you let the traffic generation bot do the work with a 100% success rate?

You don’t even have to wait for weeks and months. The results are fast.

How Do Search Engines Work?

You must have wondered, is there a difference between what a search engine wants and what a person wants? Yes, there is a difference between both of these wants.

You may have good content on your website yet your competitors with similar content, providing search engines what it wants to rank much higher than you. Search engines rank the websites based on how much organic traffic it gets. And the quality of that traffic.

Choose The Best

There are many traffic bots on the internet you may have come through, claiming to provide organic and quality traffic for your website but hardly they stand these standards.

On the other hand, our work ethic is to provide more for less. We are not new to these services.

Moreover, we have customers already using this bot. This is the best traffic software to provide organic traffic of the highest quality.


We are confident about our product.

Okay, now here is how it works.

Get Traffic To Your Website With Virtual Traffic Wizard

Well, I will not persuade you to buy bot traffic from us. I will inform you about each and everything this bot does and unbiasedly. Because we want our customers to choose our product exclusively by reasoning. And to be honest you’ll find every reason here.


How Does Our Organic Traffic Bot Work?

To begin with, this bot is designed through such a smart algorithm that it will do all the complex work required for ranking your website on the top of Google(the most popular search engine) or other search engines(of your desire).

All you will have to care about is improving your content or product quality.

In short, while you will be spending time with your family this bot will be generating value and money for your website business or blog.

Campaign Name

Chiefly, all your campaign’s settings and procedures are saved in the database. After making the campaign the software will save your work for the next time you want to use it again.

How to Improve Quality Using the Best Traffic Software

You have to provide the software with the URL of the targeted website. Users can also provide a referral URL.

Mostly, bots only hit the targeted URL directly with an organic traffic bot. Which search engines can find suspicious.

But this software provides you with an option of referral URL hit. Through which the quality of traffic increases and better search results.

How to Improve Organic Searches in the Best Traffic Bot

This advance software searches your provided URL with keywords. These keywords can be directly given to the software or in the form of a .txt file. The bot will search the keywords and find the URL mimicking the human searches.

This will improve your CTR clicks and organic searches.

Target Your Location (Proxies)

This is the most advanced part of its working that distinguishes us from other low-standard bots and scammers. The automation tool will use the provided URLs for the visiting process in Browser. You can select your desired location from where ever you want whenever you want.

Make sure you are using Residential Rotating Proxies by StormProxies or Microleaves or Packetstream proxy providers.

Note: As some browsers like Firefox do not support credential proxies so our software will not work on them.

You can add proxies via .txt file or directly typing in the relevant section.

SEO Searches (Visits Competitors Website)

The quality of traffic further improves as the software has the instructions to visit the relevant competitors of your niche.

It will open the search engine to visit your competitor’s site do some human activities there and after a few seconds comes back to the search page enters your keywords search your URL and targets the website.

Mobile Searches

Even the software tends to search from both Windows Browser or the Mobile Browser according to the user’s preference. The software has 200+ User agents for Windows and Mobile browsers.

That is to say, these user agents will be used randomly according to selection.

Internal Pages

To make your traffic SEO and organic our best traffic bot will click on the internal links if any provided on your target website. It will visit a random number of pages if the user will provide a range. This will enhance your website performance and credibility.

Retry Links

The software will also retry a link as many times as you want to make the searches more efficient and real. It will load the site two times if required before visiting it.

Moreover, you can choose whether after the retry you want to exit the site and hover over another or remain on the site and perform human activities.

Time for Page Views

The software will set a time for your desire to crawl on your website.

It can be from seconds to minutes. You can also select timeout for any internal page or menu to appear on site.

Moreover, the software has the option to randomly delay your page view timing. Within the provided rang. It will select random delays on any page of the site.

Database Management

Firstly, the software will check the number of searches in the database before you’ll proceed with the next search. If the numbers exceed the safe range the software will perform other tasks.

And at the end of the process, it will update the DB with decreased numbers. Now it’s taking several searches per day for each campaign and applying this numeric value to all URLs in the campaign.

Traffic Modules

This traffic bot offers different traffic modules.

  •  Organic Traffic for google.
  •  Referrers traffic from social websites.
  •  Views for YouTube rank.
  •  Value to your GMB.
  •  Quality SEO traffic for Alexa Ranking.

How do You Get Google Organic Traffic?

Now with all the workings in mind, when you will run a campaign the software will read the Seed URLs and Keywords list from the selected campaign and then navigate to Google and search for keywords.

On all pages of google search results, it will compare for seed URL, if the URL found on any page software will open the site and perform inner page clicks and delays on-site.

Get More Views On YouTube

In this process, the software will read the YT Video
Seed URLs and Keywords list from the selected campaign and
then navigate to YouTube and search for keywords.

On all pages of YouTube Search Result, it will compare for YT Video seed URL, if the Video URL found on any page software will open the Video and perform human delays and video streaming.

Get More GMB Hits With the Best Traffic Bot

This process has two sub-processes for the GMB search. The first one is to Directly search on Google for users GMB and the Second one is to search GMB on google maps.

GMB Search on Google

In this process, the software will read the GMB Name and Keyword list from selected campaigns and then perform Google My Business search on google. By searching ‘Things to do’ along with keywords. Then select the business same as the given GMB Name and perform some human actions then click on the website.

GMB Search on GMaps

In this process, the software will read the GMB NAME and KEYWORDS list from selected campaigns and then perform the GMaps search rank on google maps. By searching GMB with keywords on google maps. Then select the random GMB from the results and perform some human actions then click on the website.

Features of the Best Traffic Bot

  • Generate Direct hits to any Target URL
  • Get Google hits to any Target URL by Search keyword on
  • Get YouTube hits to any Target URL by Search keyword
    on Youtube.com
  • Get Google Maps hits to any Target place URL by Search
    Place keyword on map.google.com
  • Run multiple threads simultaneously
  • Also, set random Delays to fit your Exact Needs
  • Smart Proxy support (use rotating proxies)
  • Also provides random Firefox & Chrome browsers
  • Moreover, you will get user Agents from a list of thousands
  • Likewise get random Mobile User Agents
  • And random Screen Resolutions
  • Uses 5 Random chrome or Firefox Extensions
  • Not only navigate for Surfing internal pages but also, retry links If a link has not been clicked


Reviews of Our Customer Relations

Our Traffic Wizard has been providing our customers satisfaction and boosting their websites more than they ever wanted.

Thanks for all you hard work and effort Waqar. Love your work… it’s clean and efficient. Although, I know it’s not always easy designing macros and bots from first hand experience, and from all the work you’ve done that I’ve interacted with, Yet, I can only say you’ve provided elegant solutions and simple designs to challenging workflows. Also, what I like most about you – you always rise to the challenge. You have my complete confidence and faith in future projects – Thank You!

-Chase Baer

I’ve had the pleasure of being a user of one of Waqar’s brilliant apps. It’s very powerful and does exactly what it’s supposed to. When I’ve had a challenge (all of my own making by the way) he’s been quick to help and has always nailed the issue first time. I truly appreciate his efforts and how easy he’s made my life.

-Kerry Goodbrand

Very conscientious and professional developer. Works closely with users to ensure his apps and tools meet their needs and are absolutely bug free. Highly recommended.

– Bert TerHart

Waqar is an amazing unique coder .. privileged to share his knowledge and products

-Ana CZ

We use Waqar as programmer and his work is fantastic He solve all the issues and changes that we have to do regarding fitting our software in to the apps we are using continuously. Waqar finds the right solutions and he is fast! I recommend Waqar’s work with top score!]

-Arild Folger

Waqar is the best, Period. Very pleasant to work with and always gets things done in a timely manner even when his back is against the wall. Very professional and a dream to work with. Thanks man

-Marlin Smith

Disadvantages of Bot Traffic

  • First, bot traffic is of no value when considering the conversion rate of this traffic. They will not directly convert into your subscribers, regular customers, or visitors.
  • Also, you might get penalized if you will overuse or misuse it. To put it in simple words organic traffic is was and will be better than bot traffic. Google and other search engines do not tolerate traffic.


I have provided you all the information regarding our best traffic bot. You have to check it first to believe in its efficiency.