Traffic Generation

Generate Traffic Free for Your Website

Generally speaking, it’s easy to spend money on paid advertising. When you are already rich, and you are an established company. But what if you are starting. What happens if you are a new website. You can generate traffic for free.

Here in this article ill give you some magical and powerful free traffic generation spells.

You Can Generate Traffic For Free

How many of you have a new website? I am curious to know because if you have a new website, I want to know how great these spells for free traffic work. If you implement these tactics step by step. I bet you the magic will work.

Yes, that’s how confident I am sure about them. Let us start learning then.

How to Generate Traffic For Free

I have researched the best free ways to generate traffic for your blogs or website. Here I am sharing with you the top 4 most creative and resultful methods.

  • Sharing Plug-ins
  • Free Traffic Generator Tools
  • Email Listing

Why Use Them?

To generate up to thousands of visitors to your niche websites and to even your brand new websites. Also, these are one hundred percent free, and you can see your sales and opt-ins increase gradually. If you want growth at a variably fast rate, follow the tips step by step.

Generate free traffic from Quora

Quora traffic works for everyone in a variety of different niches.

Why Quora Traffic?

Quora has the potential to give you more sales and more commissions from the same amount o traffic. Quora is among the top 700 webs on the planet and has huge authority.

Moreover,  Quora ranks for 476 million various keyword phrases. Under those circumstances, you have a perfect chance to get a slice of their traffic as well. So how exactly do you get traffic from it to your website or blog?

Question-and-Answer Pages

To do that, you need to post your answers with a link to your website or blog into one of those community-generated questions and answer pages. First, you need to create an account on Quora. Login to your profile.

Secondly, make sure to fill out everything in the credentials. Fill in the description section and highlights. This is very important to make sure that your answers look credible.

Another most important thing you need to be very careful about is your Knows About. This knows about section will decide what kind of traffic gets in your feeds to answer more questions related to them.

For example, if you have a blog, select the blog digital marketing and related niche.

Now all you have to do is to find the question that you do want to answer. Make sure to attach a link to your website or blog in your answers.

Try this for 1-2 hours daily, and gradually you’ll gain new potential visitors or future customers. I have already explained in detail how you can generate traffic from Pinterest do check it out.

Generate Free Traffic Using the Share Plugins

How does it work? Well, people love sharing something they find incredibly useful or cool.

Anyone who likes your stuff can use these sharing buttons to share your stuff on social media with other friends and family. Since they can do this on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., this gets you, free visitors, without needing you to do anything.

So, if you are currently not using these social sharing plugins, you are missing an excellent opportunity to generate free traffic. Trust me, they work well and bring you huge spikes of traffic.

How does it work?

You need to download the plugin and install it on your website. There are many free plugins out there.

Use Free Best Traffic Generator for Life Time

Yes, for a lifetime. Most of the brand new websites that can sustain their visitors benefit from our free traffic generation tool.

You will get traffic from countries like UK, USA, UAE, etc., from where the conversion rate is relatively high.

All you have to do now is to reap the fruits. Buy our free traffic bot generator and make your life easier. This generates free organic traffic to your website.

Thus our free automatic bot provides you with profits that buying traffic will give you a slight difference that our automated bot is free. Our bot will attract new viewers to your site just like other software that generates traffic.

Traffic Wizard – Paid Version

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4. Email Listing

This one is the most important technique because, from the techniques mentioned above, you’ll have good traffic, but more than 85% of them leave your site in a short time, and they will never come back.

To clarify why you need to build a list of your email subscribers. Once you have made an email list, getting them to become regular visitors is just as easy as sending an email to someone.

Still, most of the websites do not collect email subscribers at all. That is a huge loss.

From Online Forums

There is a bonus strategy for you. You can generate a ton of organic traffic to your website through joining and engaging in online form communities.

Make sure that you choose the right communities to join in depending upon the relevancy of your content and the terms and policies of these communities.

Most of the communities do not allow you to post, or some don’t even allow you to promote your personal brand at all. So it is highly recommended that you start joining these communities as soon as possible.

Because the earlier you will start, the more are the chances for you to succeed at generating a considerable amount of traffic. As I mentioned earlier, these ways are your way to spike your traffic and get in business as soon as possible.


These fantastic free traffic generation tricks will help you strengthen your game on getting more traffic. Try them today. And you’ll find the fast results of your growth.

Happy Learning 🙂