Can I Buy Website Traffic Safely?

Can I Buy Website Traffic Safely?

December 16, 2020
Can I Buy Website Traffic Safely

You might think, can I buy website traffic? And is it safe to buy traffic for your websites? And to what extent do these paid traffic work? Most of the newcomers ask me if there is considerable revenue generated through these seemingly money-burning techniques.

In this article, I will try to answer how I can buy website traffic, and I will try to keep it as simple as possible so that everyone can grasp the concepts.

Why Do You Want To Buy Traffic?

This article will be handy for you because it will save you from making the usual mistakes that almost everyone makes while initially starting to generate traffic on their website.

Most beginners assume that if they will let us suppose spend 5$ on marketing campaigns. They can generate at least 10$ of revenue from it. Is it that simple? Obviously, no, it isn’t.

Buying traffic for your website is a process of paying a website provided with a commitment to the number of visitors they will send to your website.

So the packages of buying a website may include 10,000 visitors. Now it is upon the buyer whether he wants all the traffic in a day.

Or, to have better predictability of the conversion rate and success of the campaign, buyers can choose to have that amount of traffic divided into 60 days. This traffic is targeted and has a chance to convert after landing on your website.

So yes, you can buy website traffic. Most of the heavy organizations use a ton of paid traffic and burn a lot of money on popular marketing campaigns done by famous world companies to get in front of their competitors.

Source Of Paid Traffic

So basically, when you have a deal with any traffic provider. It is the job of the traffic provider to provide you targeted and qualified traffic in the given time. But you may wonder how do a traffic-providing company generates traffic?

Well, what happens is that a traffic-providing company usually has ownership of a lot of website domains. Or they even own hosting and search engine companies. After taking an order from you, they put aids on the relevant sites in front of the appropriate people.

If someone on these sites gets interested in your product or services or wants to know more about your work. They will land on your site via the link provided by the provider’s ads.

For example, if someone buys traffic for mother care products, he will get traffic from ads on the domains that talk about mother care products.

Also, if someone wants to have a website from a targeted location, for example, from his own country, they will get visitors categorized and sorted in by the mobile phone Ip addresses they are using.

The process of buying traffic is easy and very impactful. Now I am going to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of buying website traffic.

Advantages Of Buying Website Traffic

There are many advantages to buying website traffic.

  • Flexibility in the amount of traffic

When buying traffic comes into the discussion, you have to be very careful while deciding the weight of your campaign.

The ideal way is to start with low risk. You can start with 5000 visitors to analyze how many visitors are converting from this traffic.

If you can generate revenue after 3 4 trials of low risk. It is relatively suitable to increase the risk.

You can go to 10,000 and so on. Ensure that you don’t predict the results with a single order because it will be of low resolution due to ignorance of timing, season, and other factors.

  • Increase in Revenue

With more targeted and qualified paid traffic, your revenue will increase for sure.

But it is better to hold your thirst for success in the hands of professionals.

Because if you are not a marketing guru or the god of marketing, you are likely to lose your money while taking more significant risks.

  • It is fast

This is one of the strongest pillars or reasons that supports the expenditure of a ton of money on marketing advertisements and paid traffic given by website owners.

Paid traffic is a much more accelerated way to raise the number of visitors to your page than just sitting down and waiting for users to fall across your website randomly or via search results or other more organic means.

Disadvantages Of Buying Website Traffic

  • Irrelevant Visitors

One of the biggest disadvantages of having paid website traffic is that it could be the wrong traffic. Very poorly targeted traffic may do very little help to fulfill your demands and justify your money paid to generate it even if you are making money through page views. It is still better to have highly qualified traffic.

Because otherwise, you may face a high bounce rate. Which not only will reduce the authority of your domain but also your money will not be justified. Also, the visitors who will bounce will never come back, and without any confusion, they will never click on the sharing buttons.

  • An unexpected spike can harm your site

You can find yourself the victim of your success even if your paid traffic is effective and white hat traffic. If your website gets a sudden increase in hits, it is very risky for your website’s safety, and it can also take the form of liability.

As in every web hosting contract, some limits and policies are defined related to the amount of data sent to and from their servers concerning a specific website.

With every new hit, a small fraction of bandwidth is consumed. Collectively that fractions can easily exceed the contracted amount of data transfer.

One, they will exceed the maximum data allowance. You can say bye-bye to your website’s revenue. You can have it for your website.

There are generally two possible outcomes when that happens. Mostly it depends upon the kind of contract you had. But the most common two are.

Either your hosting is disabled until you update or upgrade your contract. Or you are charged more according to the bandwidth usage. So you can buy website traffic but be careful.

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In this article, I have shared the pros and cons of buying traffic and why you need to have traffic on your website.

You can learn more about the strategies to generate traffic.

Happy Learning :)

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